Yellow Ruffle

I love this new hair from Truth! He has updated all his textures and added a bunch of new ones. My instant favorite new color pack is Colours as it’s full of all the fun colors and most important like 4 different pink hair textures! Another great thing he’s done is to reorganize how his more natural hair colors are package. Each pack has the usual natural hair in various shades, but he’s also included dip dyed version right in the packs. So a brown pack would have different shades of browns as well as a brown hair with dipped ends of pink, blue, etc. I like this because I love wearing dip dyed hairs, but I also like having just the normal colors for occasions where dip dyed doesn’t look right. Usually I would only be able to do this by buying multiple packs to get ll the variety I wanted, but now it’s easier than ever to get a range of hairs in just one pack. At least at Truth.

I loved the hair so much it inspired me to even enter the Truth Model Search. That’s my entry above. If you want to enter you still have till the 1st of June to take a picture of you wearing a hair from the new Truth shop and enter it in the Flickr group for the contest. I figure it’s a long shot, there are so many amazing pictures entered, but what can it hurt? Nothing to lose.

I am finally getting around to blogging the supporting outfit I had together for the picture. Even though I planned from the start to only have a waist up picture for the contest entry I felt the need to put a full outfit together.
Plus the second thing in this post I love is this ruffle corset top from Ingenue! It comes in a bunch of different fun and summery color combos, it was so hard to pick just one.
I felt like being a little simple with the rest of the outfit and just paired the bright top with some jeans and nude pumps.

eyes: IKON Ardent Eyes Sage
skin: Dutch Touch Esmee
Freckles: Dutch Touch Moles and Extra Freckles + Beusy mark v.3 (freckles)
hair: Truth Gattina

top: Ingenue Fontaine
pants: Mon Tissu Nora Skinny Jeans
shoes: Celoe Xylia pumps
ring: Shakeup vintage ring 11
piercings: Pekka
tattoo: Soulbeats

pose: torrid stand 11


Life in the Shadows

This month the theme at Genre is Gothic. It’s been ages since I dressed more on the darker side and I was inspired to change up my bright pinks for a while. The main inspiration for the change was the beautiful pale skins from La Petite Morte out at Genre. I am wearing the darker of the two shades offered and the even paler still tone is just as beautiful.

For the rest of my outfit I went inventory diving. Yay! Saving money is fun!
Oh wait… except my hair. *sigh* didn’t save as much money as I thought.
I am so totally in love with this hair style and the fun dye colors it comes in. There are two different packs of the fun dip dyes and I think I might have to go back for the other pack. It was really hard to choose which one when i was shopping the first time around.
It’s called Baby from Taketomi which I had never really heard of although I think I saw something that they are re-branded from another hair store.
I have never understood the constant re-branding some stores do, especially when they are still around and producing. I totally get if you leave SL for a while then come back and want to do something new. I’m not saying that’s what this store did, just a little extra Dizzy Thoughts for ya.

eyes: Insufferable Dastard Gem Eyes
skin: La Petite Morte Madison for Genre
Freckles: Dutch Touch Moles and Extra Freckles
hair: Taketomi Baby

Corset: Perception Overbust corset
pants: tres blah leather leggings
shoes: n-core coquette
piercings: Pekka
ring: shakeup! Vintage ring 8
necklace: maxi gossamer erzulie’s love charm
tattoo: Smudge filagree (store closed)

pose: torrid stand 11

Summer Dress

I am a little late blogging this, but better late than never right?
I can’t express how much I am in love with this dress! It’s adorable and if I had the money I would get it in the other four colors it comes in. I picked this up at the Culture Shock event from the store Spright, which I had never heard of before seeing them at the event. I eagerly await seeing what new things they will have out in future.

I have also bought my first pair of footed shoes! I was a hold out for ages. I was always worried I’d be one of those people walking around with feet a totally different color than my skin and just look ridiculous. A few months ago I happened to get the demo for Maitreya’s Yaxkin sandal/feet shoes. They were exactly the type of shoe I had been looking for in both SL and RL, but I was still scared of them. So for months I would take out the demo every few days and try it on again. Asked countless friends if it was really hard to match up skin tone. Not only was I scared of matching up the skin, but the shoes cost a pretty penny and would take most my money so I had to be sure.
I finally caved and I regret wasting so much time in getting these shoes! The feet are so well made and are some of the most realistic SL feet I have ever seen. To make skin matching easier Maitreya has added in values for a lot of popular skin brands and tones already so it was super simple to match up. Of course my skin I am currently wearing was included in the list so I have not tried to adjust the feet to a skin not listed, but with so many options I think it wont be that hard. I have not really taken the shoes off since buying them! Now i just need to find the exact pair in real life and I will be set.

eyes: Insufferable Dastard Gem Eyes
skin: Dutch Touch Eesmee
Freckles: Dutch Touch Moles and Extra Freckles
hair: elikatira Return

dress: Spright Inspire Dress
shoes: Maitreya Yaxkin
piercings: .Pekka Solitude Piercing
chest tattoo: The Habitat Firenze
neck tattoo: Pekka Love Me
necklace: glow studio key to my heart

Poses: Torrid Stand 2