Back to Basics

I have noticed in the last few months that I am not as excited as I once was about my clothes in SL. I am sure this has NOTHING to do with the fact that I shop too much and have too many of them. I think it’s because I have gotten too far away from the core fashion sense of Dizzy. I used to put outfits together and love them so much I wouldn’t taken them off for weeks and weeks! Now I find it hard to put something together that I don’t take off an hour later.
So I am going to try and get back to my own Dizzy sense of fashion… back to Dizzy basics, which if you have ever known me in my 4 and a half years on the grid you will know that basics for me often involve tutus and pink hair.
I still like my more normal clothes and will still wear those and blog about those outfits, but I am going to make a conscious effort to find my own look again.

eyes: Exodi Zbilja Brown Eyes
ears: illusory Elven Ears a3
skin: illusory Paige Stained A3
makeup: Kyoot Cateye 1 winter 2 (winter hunt item)
hair:Truth Neve

tank: Surf Co. Hermana Tank
tutu: Canimal FooFoo Tutu
socks: Corduroy Catero’s Leggings
arm warmers: Maitreya Arm Warmers
shoes: UBU Porn Star Xtra High Tops

Tattoo: Artilleri Maggie Tattoo
nose ring: Nomine Horseshoe Septum
lip piercing: Punk Store Moller Lips 002

pose: Doolally Tippsy


Little Glam, Little Punk and Everything Between!

Here I am again with another older outfit that I have revamped for the new year. The only things that stayed from the old outfit are the shoes, socks and tutu the rest has all been changed. Also everything other than the hair is something I already owned. Usually when putting together a new outfit I will ignore my vast inventory and go look for that one new piece it needs, but not this time. The hair was out at lamb this last Friday for 50L Friday and I normally don’t do blond hair, but the money was going to a good cause and I thought what the heck! For some reason the hair with the hat made me think 80’s pop.. like a Madonna video back in the Lucky Star days. This may be partly because I was listening to older Bowie at the time, like Let’s Dance. I have also been dying to wear this necklace i bought ages ago and this seemed to be chaping up to be the perfect outfit for it.

eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, blue
ears:Illusions punky ears, naturals (moded)
skin:Curio GP Sundust Frex [light] June2-Raccoon2
hair:Lamb Stargaze, pale

tank top:Surf Couture Driftwood tank, plumb
bra:Doux CoutureRAWRR [Eski-Hoe] plain bra (Down the Chimney Hunt)
tutu:Action Tutu, black
socks:Action Craze Sox style 06 Armwarmers, black
shoes:UBU Pornstar Hi-tops
necklace:NSD Rock n’ Roll Necklace Chain
lip piercing:Punk Store Moller lips 002
nose piercing:Nomine Horseshoe Septum

Epic Fail = Total Win!

Epic Fail from Atomic… no I’m not being mean.. they have come out with this Stumblebum Exclusive Epic Fail shirt and I freaking love it! It even got my boyfriend to comment and say it was a win and he’s soo not into fashion nor my shopping habit. Another new purchase this blog is my hair. It’s new out from Truth and is so cute. It has a bunch of hair clips and the great part is they change color separately so you can really make colorful hair!
Also on this time I have the UBU lo-top pornstar sneakers. I love these as well because they have a texture option that looks like a pair of shoes I have in real life. Lots of texture options for these shoes, and there is a laces or no laces option.. on top of that the detail is just awesome!

eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, brown
ears:Atomic Mystic Elven Ears stud
skin:Curio GP Sundust Frex [light] June2-pure3
hair:Truth Partice treacle

top:Atomic Epic Fail tee (Stumblebum exclusive)
pants:Shit Luck low cut jeans, black (checked today and the store is re-branded Luck inc. and the pants are still there.)
shoes:UBU porn stars lo-tops Armwarmers, red
glasses:Primoptics Sofia glasses
lip piercings:Punk Store Moller lips 002
nose piercing:Nomine horse shoe septum

Don’t Worry

Here is another older outfit that I have changed a few things up and made it new again. This particular outfit has gone through a lot of transformations, but the first time I documented it was last year and beings I love it soo much I wanted to make it new again.
The tutu is one of the very first i bought in SL and I love it so! There were so many colors to choose, but i got purple, my favorite color. It’s paired with a shirt I wore with MANY outfits a year ago because it’s so awesome. I just love the colors of this outfit ad i used to wear it with pink hair always, but I love the new hair out today from Clawtooth and I only had enough money to get one color pack and browns won out.

eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, brown
ears:Atomic Mystic Elven Ears stud
skin:Curio GP Sundust Frex [light] June2-Zenia1
hair:CBC Woman of the Year, coffee

top:Artilleri Don’t Worry Top, white
tutu:Canimal FooFoo Tutu, purple
armwarmers:Maitreya Armwarmers, pink
socks:Sinistyle Tube Socks, black
shoes:UBU Pornstar Xtra Hi-tops
glasses:Primoptics Sofia glasses
lip piercing:Punk Store Moller lips 002
nose piercing:Nomine Horse Shoe Septum

Revamping an Old Favorite

Last year this was one of my most favorite outfits to wear so I though to give it a little 2010 update. My shape has changed ever so slightly since last year, but I am probably the only one that could tell it’s such a small change. Also if i were not so in love with eh Tres Blah Hiccup Swoon skin for DU3 I would actually have a darker skin tone than I had on last year… but I AM too in love with the swoon skin and liked it better in the lighter ton.
I am such a shopaholic that I forget about all the good things I bought before. I had fun putting on an older outfit and changing things up with some new items.. I might start doing this with a lot of other older outfits I have. Not only just to change them up, but I think it’s good to point out some older items along with all the new things coming out these days.
lol.. not only are there differences with the outfit from last year, but I see my photo skills are a little better as this year I was able to get a more straight on shot where as last year is a little skewed and looking down. Funny because it makes 2010 Dizzy look taller than 2009 Dizzy and I am actually a hair shorter now.
In the 2010 version I have changed the shoes from red rain boots to the new leather and fur lined boots from Reek… these boots are so awesomely awesome I have no other word for them, but awesome. The attention to detail is amazing… the texture and shading is brilliant… I can’t stop looking at them. I picked these reds ones up at the last 50L Friday, but as soon as i have some more money I’m going straight back to Reek and buying the rest of the colors.
I also added in some arm warmers instead of just the sleeves from the shrug. I have addicted to arm warmers.. I will admit it. I have so many, but the ones I have on today fairly new out from and I loved them cause they went over the hands and have a cut out for the thumb so they are half like a mitten.

On 2009 Me:
eyes:Redgrave Python Green
ear:Illusions punky ears, naturals (moded to match skin)
skin:Curio GP Lumine Frex [light] dew
hair:Gritty Kitty Bubble Gum, brown

dress:DP Yumyum Tank Dress, gray
shrug:PBI Le Shrug (store has since been re-branded as Sprawl ..I checked and the shrug is still available.)
socks:Shiny Things Knit Knee Socks, charcoal
shoes:ETD Rain boots, red (I went back and checked today and seems the rainboots are no longer there.)
lip piercings:Punk Store Moller lips 002

On 2010 Me:
eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, brown
ears:Plastik Animalistic Elven ears-burdies
skin:Tres Blah Hiccup light skin, swoon (DU3 exclusive)
hair:CBC Somebody’s lady, coffee

dress:DP Yumyum Tank Dress, gray
shrug:PBI Le Shrug (re-branded as Sprawl) Armwarmers, black
socks:Shiny Things Knit Knee Socks, charcoal
shoes:Reek Autumn Boots, red

Stripes and Fringe

A friend TPed me to Lark the other day, I had never been there, but I saw this totally cute dress and could not pass it up! There are options for pockets and no pockets and it comes with an AO for hands in the pockets. I “winterized” it but adding a turtle neck top and a simple pair of jeans under it. And of course no winter outfit is complete with out some cozy boots. Today i am wearing the Suede Fringe Boots from KAO. When I went to buy these i could not find a demo, donno if it just never loaded or what, but i liked the picture and I could not resist. I bought them with out trying them on … something I NEVER do. They fit awesomely and I am so glad now i bought the fat pack on them too!
I am still totally in love with the Burdie ears from Plastik and am not sure when I will take them off!
Also can’t get enough of the Winter2 skins from Curio, here I am wearing Cozy1.

eyelashes:Redgrave eyelashes-1
eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, hazel
skin:Curio GP Acorn Frex [light] winter2, cozy1
ears:Plastik Animalistic Elven Ears burdies Tatum, cranky brown

top:DP Yumyum Simple Long T, white lunno jeans, dark wash
dress:Lark striped dress
shoes:KAO Suede Fringe Boots, ash
lip piercings:Punk Store Moller lips 002

Cozy With The Birds

There is a winter sale at! This is both good and bad news…kekeke. Great cause who doesn’t love a sale, bad because I am now broke broke broke. is great for a lot of basic wardrobe needs. Their items come in a bunch of different colors and if you go during a sale the fat packs are crazy reduced!
Today I have on the Long sleeve layers tee (used as under shirt), Basic leggings and the Basic Flats from
My blue sweater is the Puff Sleeve Sweater from Couverture and i was a little disappointed with it. For one I could not tell from the pictures that the body portion was a fully sculpted piece, I just didn’t pay attention close enough. And second the sleeves are no mod, so on me a smaller (shorter) av they are HUGE and I really have no way of fixing that. But it’s still a cute top non the less.
I have paired it with the Fril-Miniskirt from Oyakin which I think is adorable! It has a few different ways to wear it plus an optional petticoat for underneath that has lace. I bought the fat pack so in this picture I actually have two different skirts on. The petticoat from the pink one and the top part of the skirt from the natural colored one, but the fat pack is sooo reasonably priced I would suggest just getting that.
More cute mittens today… these ones are from Reek and in a natural color, but there were so many of the others I wanted I know i will soon regret not buying the fat pack for them.

My ears today are the Animalistic Elven Ears with Burdies from Plastik and I think one of the cutest things I have seen in a long while! I only have one side pictured here, but each side has different birds so they don’t look silly with the same exact birds on them. they are very well sculpted like the rest of Plastik’s ears and very easy to recolor to match the skin. So perfect for any fae!

eyelashes:Redgrave eyelashes-1
eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, brown
ears:Plastik Animalistic Elven Ears burdies
hair:Truth Alannah. treacle
skin:Curio GP Acorn Frex [light] winter2, Pure4 long sleeve layers tee, pink
sweater:Couverture Puf Sleeve Sweater, nileblue
skirt:Oyakin fril-miniskirt Basic leggings, brown Basic Flats, cream
mittens:Reek Cozy Mittens, beige
lip piercings:Punk Store Moller lips 002