Hair Fair 2012 Part Three!

Finally getting through all my hairs. I didn’t realize I had bought so many!

Elikatira has some really nice hairs up at the fair. Here are two of them, Balance on the left and Flattery on the right. Elikatira was a little late setting up so a group of um.. rather enthusiastic fans gathered outside her stall painterly waiting for her hairs.

It was all in good fun. Some nice reminiscing about the good ol’ days and ETD. Needless to say the hairs were well worth the wait!

Lamb was another hair we had to wait for.. going up just before the fair opened to everyone. It was also worth the wait. Lamb is one of my favorite hair creators for long hair and I am so happy she’s doing rigged mesh long hairs! I ended up with one more hair than originally planned because of a little mix up when first set up, but it just gave me the opportunity to buy a hair in a color pack I don’t normally get. On the left is Blue Velvet, middle is In Heaven and on the right is Wild At Heart.

Oh my! i did not plan this I swear!
Here are the hairs from Ohmai and she was yet another that I eagerly waited to be set up. All through the day i kept checking back to her stall to see if there was anything yet. Then while I was loitering Elikatira’s stall I happened to cam over and see Ohmai being set up *squeee* lol.. I hopped over there so fast she was not even done. I feel bad I added to the mod in her store staring at her while she was setting up. I couldn’t feel too bad though… that hairs were adorable and I wanted them!
Top left is Ginta and there is another version of it with out the bangs also available for sell. Bottom left was a fun little hair called Stars Collide… a messy bun with glitter dumped all over it! And on the right is Chloe.

Kik had a really cute idea this year. Each of her hairs have a counter part that look the same but slightly different for twins to be able to have the same hair style, but still not look exactly the same. I have on Brigitte I and II here.

Top hair here is Salome from Lelutka. I donno something about this hair called to me. At first I kinda laughed, but then it really grew on me. Maybe because most mornings this is what my RL hair looks like so i felt a connection to it. I would have preferred it in a pink, but Lelutka is one that doesn’t really do non-natural colors. Although i did see her other two hairs at the fair have more fun dyes that just natural, but this one didn’t have any of those colors. Oh well, maybe in future.
Bottom left is Nostalgic from Illusory. It was so adorable and fun I had to get it. I am really loving the dip dyed/ombre type colored hairs these days.
Bottom right is Straw Fedora Clara. This hair to me just screams beach! Perfect for summer. You can change the hat and the band to different colors using a HUD. If you purchase this at Hair Fair there are a few extra limited colors for the hat you will also get.

Finally done! I can’t believe I bought so many hairs… I think I went way over board, I just couldn’t stop.
Hope you have enjoyed seeing my picks.

other credits:
skin: Dutch Tough
eyes: Insufferable Dastard
tattoo and piercings: Pekka
Top and skirt: Tres Blah (July Colaber88)


Cool Spring Days

I am so glad Spring is finally here, but in my neck of the woods it still means cool temperatures.

I am so glad Spring is finally here, but in my neck of the woods it still means cool temperatures. I was feeling in such and shorts and tank top mood today so I just added a few extra layers so I would not freeze.

eyes: exodi Zbilja Brown Eyes
skin: Leafy Nova
Freckles: L. Fauna serious Freckles and
Dutch Touch Moles and Extra Freckles
hair: [e] Over
ears: illusory Elven Ear a3
tattoo: Minajunk Botan tattoo

sweater: Tres Blah boyfriend cardigan
tank: Tres Blah Ombre Tank (C88 march)
shorts: Surf Co. Shack Shorts
leggings: Kyoot Sisley tights (C88 march)
shoes: Shiney Things Comfy Boots

In a Dress Kind of Mood

Lately I have been in the mood to just wear dresses and bright colors. Maybe because in real life I don’t have dress weather and the constant grayness is getting to me.
Today I have on the Picard dress from Willow that was available at the EPOCH event. Sadly the event is already over, way to soon if you ask me, but I hope the organizers do more in the future.
The dress is so cute with the button up front and high collar and even though it’s grey I figured I would brighten it up with some hot pink tights from Aura.

eyes: exodi Zbilja Brown Eyes
skin: Leafy Nova
Freckles: L. Fauna serious Freckles and
Dutch Touch Moles and Extra Freckles
hair: Lamb Honey
ears: illusory Elven Ear a3

dress: Willow The Picard Dress (EPOCH)
leggings: Aura Kolgotki Pink tights
shoes: Shiney Things Delphines


Week 18 of 52 Weeks Of Color Challenge is ecru.

This week was a bit of a challenge for me. While I do have quite a few earth tone items, they tend to be a more general brown and not all these off the wall earthy tones. So here is my attempt at the color ecru, which I don’t think I can anywhere close to, but oh well.

eyes: Exodi Zbilja brown Eyes
ears: illusory Elven Ears a3
skin: The Body Co. Sage
freckles: L. Fauna Extra Freckles
hair: [elikatira] Play2

top: Kyoot Book Worm Top Santa Fe (FLF)
pants: MNK Tweed Half Pants
boots: Surf Co. Paperboy Ankle Boots
glasses: Reek Aeroplane Shades

pose: Doolally Not Sure (I am sure the pose is from Doolally, but the owner of that store gives really stupid names to her poses and named this one “Not Sure” *cough* )

Electric Lime

Week 17 of 52 Weeks Of Color Challenge is electric lime.

Now this is a color i can get into. Spare me the taupes and browns… bring on the electric colors! It took me a while to figure out exactly what I wanted to wear.. I have so much in this type of color it’s crazy. The most awesome part is other than the glasses (which I just picked up from Reek for 50L Friday) I already had everything I am wearing, so I saved money this week.
Oh wait, I forgot I finally gave in and bought The Body Co. skin. I went and checked it out when it first came out and loved it, but decided to wait a bit to buy it. It’s a very different look to other skins out there right now. I am slightly annoyed that all make up options are only on tattoo layers. My one and only tattoo layer is used for my freckles which this skin doesn’t have an option for like so many other cheaper skins out there do give. They do give different brow color options, but these days most skins do, well most I wear. I still like it, and love how different it looks and look forward to see other faces that will come from The Body Co.

eyes: Exodi Zbilja Brown Eyes
ears: illusory Elven Ears A3
skin: The Body Co. Sage
freckles: L. Fauna Extra Freckles
hair: [elikatira] Away

tank: Artilleri Zee Tank
sweater: Reek Papercut Cardigan
skirt: Maitreya Cleo Jean Skirt
tights: Momo net leggings
boots: UBU Retro Star Rain Boots
glasses: Reek Aeroplane Shades

pose: Twosome Quaint

Back to Basics

I have noticed in the last few months that I am not as excited as I once was about my clothes in SL. I am sure this has NOTHING to do with the fact that I shop too much and have too many of them. I think it’s because I have gotten too far away from the core fashion sense of Dizzy. I used to put outfits together and love them so much I wouldn’t taken them off for weeks and weeks! Now I find it hard to put something together that I don’t take off an hour later.
So I am going to try and get back to my own Dizzy sense of fashion… back to Dizzy basics, which if you have ever known me in my 4 and a half years on the grid you will know that basics for me often involve tutus and pink hair.
I still like my more normal clothes and will still wear those and blog about those outfits, but I am going to make a conscious effort to find my own look again.

eyes: Exodi Zbilja Brown Eyes
ears: illusory Elven Ears a3
skin: illusory Paige Stained A3
makeup: Kyoot Cateye 1 winter 2 (winter hunt item)
hair:Truth Neve

tank: Surf Co. Hermana Tank
tutu: Canimal FooFoo Tutu
socks: Corduroy Catero’s Leggings
arm warmers: Maitreya Arm Warmers
shoes: UBU Porn Star Xtra High Tops

Tattoo: Artilleri Maggie Tattoo
nose ring: Nomine Horseshoe Septum
lip piercing: Punk Store Moller Lips 002

pose: Doolally Tippsy