Double, Double Toil And Trouble

Happy Halloween everyone! I dressed as a fun little witch this year.
Isn’t this dress just the cutest! I am sure every witch need a sassy little black dress just like any woman and this one comes complete with a spider wed overlay.
Gotta have the striped tights and I found this cute very witchy looking buckled shoes that fit so perfectly. And of course my ever trusty witch hat. It’s a little old, but still looks great I think.

My skin is another of the great find from Enchantment. This is the Birdy Snow Skin Poisoned, but I thought it worked nicely for a witch. When you buy the skin at Enchantment you get three different make ups included for one low price. What a steal!
The poisoned apple in my mouth will also be available at Enchantment from aisling. There are 3 different apple styles you can buy and each come with a few different wear options, but I loved the poisoned deathly looking apple.

eyes: IKON Perspective Eyes
skin: Birdy Snow Skin Poisoned (Enchantment)
freckles and moles: Dutch Touch and Beusy
hair: Chemistry Anemone
hands: slink

dress: Schadenfreude Widow Lost in the Woods
shoes: lassitude &ennui Batty shoes
socks: katat0nik striped stockings
hat: illusions Gytha witch’s hat
apple: aisling Deadly Apple
necklace: The Forge Batelina Necklace
piercings: Pekka

pose: ploom Mercy 5


Summer Comfort

Just another easy outfit put together for comfort.
The big new purchase this look are my feet an shoes. Having already taken the plunge into prim feet I could not pass up the women’s Bare feet from Slink. I really wanted just some nice flip flop shoes and Slink had some of the best ones out there and you need the feet to wear the shoes. Now after wearing prim feet I donno if I can ever go back to just the plain system feet. The Slink feet are mesh and are highly detail… well worth the cost. Another nice feature is Slink is making different types of shoes to be used with the feet. I found it pretty easy to match the feet to my skin which is still a fear I have with prim body parts.
Also new are my sunglasses from Artilleri and I LOVE them! They were out last week for FLF and I am so glad I remembered to go grab them. I want a pair just like them in real life!

eyes: Insufferable Dastard Gem Eyes
skin: Dutch Touch Eesmee
Freckles: Dutch Touch Moles and Extra Freckles
hair: fashionably dead Sunday
ears: illusions sprite ears

sweatshirt: mon tissu slouchy sweatshirt
tank: surf co. hermana tank
shorts: mon tissu cuffed denim shorts
shoes: slink aussie thongs
feet: slink womens natural barefeet
piercings: .Pekka Solitude Piercing
chest tattoo: The Habitat Firenze
neck tattoo: Pekka Love Me
glasses: artilleri keyhole sunglasses
ring: earth stones johanna ring

Poses: [LAP]MS1 Runway 4

Dappled Sunlight

Just kind of a quick and easy look that came together when I was trying to decide which Hair Fair buy to wear first.
The top and the skirt are both from Tres Blah at Colaber88 this month. Each come in a few other colors and I think I’ll be going to get the rest of them before the month is up. So many uses for both, it’s nice to have simple staple items like this in the virtual closet.

eyes: Insufferable Dastard Gem Eyes
skin: Dutch Touch Eesmee
Freckles: Dutch Touch Moles and Extra Freckles
hair: exile Silent Wings
ears: Illusions Sprite ears

top: Tres Blah Tucked Tee (colaber88 July)
skirt: Tres Blah Maxi Skirt (colaber88 July)
shoes: Maitreya Yaxkin
piercings: Pekka Solitude Piercing
ring: Earth Stones Johanna Ring – Coral (colaber88 july)
braclet: Ronsem Leather Bracelet (group gift)
neck tattoo: pekka Love Me
chest tattoo: Habitat Firenze

pose: [LAP] MS2 Runway 20

Merry Christmas!

Week 8 of 52 Weeks Of Color Challenge is green and figured to combine it with my own holiday wish to you all!

eyes: Exodi Zbilja Hazel Eyes
ears: Plastik Animalistic Eleven Ears
skin: Tres Blah Blessa Light Slow
hair: [elikatira] Blind, brown 09

sweater: Artilleri Reindeer Sweater, green
skirt: Maitreya Cleo Jean Skirt, dirty 2
leggings: Grixdale Snug Leggings Argyle, forest
boots: Reek Autumn Boots, chocolate
antlers: Illusions Festive Florissinae Antlers

*sorry i know a few of these places are not on my links page. I will update as soon as possible.

Little Glam, Little Punk and Everything Between!

Here I am again with another older outfit that I have revamped for the new year. The only things that stayed from the old outfit are the shoes, socks and tutu the rest has all been changed. Also everything other than the hair is something I already owned. Usually when putting together a new outfit I will ignore my vast inventory and go look for that one new piece it needs, but not this time. The hair was out at lamb this last Friday for 50L Friday and I normally don’t do blond hair, but the money was going to a good cause and I thought what the heck! For some reason the hair with the hat made me think 80’s pop.. like a Madonna video back in the Lucky Star days. This may be partly because I was listening to older Bowie at the time, like Let’s Dance. I have also been dying to wear this necklace i bought ages ago and this seemed to be chaping up to be the perfect outfit for it.

eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, blue
ears:Illusions punky ears, naturals (moded)
skin:Curio GP Sundust Frex [light] June2-Raccoon2
hair:Lamb Stargaze, pale

tank top:Surf Couture Driftwood tank, plumb
bra:Doux CoutureRAWRR [Eski-Hoe] plain bra (Down the Chimney Hunt)
tutu:Action Tutu, black
socks:Action Craze Sox style 06 Armwarmers, black
shoes:UBU Pornstar Hi-tops
necklace:NSD Rock n’ Roll Necklace Chain
lip piercing:Punk Store Moller lips 002
nose piercing:Nomine Horseshoe Septum

Let It Snow

I hadn’t been to Surf Couture in quite some time, so when I went the other day and found all the new things I went a little spend crazy and had to put together an outfit or two. In this outfit I have on the Vintage Fall Hoodie in seafoam and the Parker Knit Boots from Surf Couture. The hoodie comes with two versions.. one with printing on the front and one with out, I am wearing the with out. The socks on the boots are scripted to change a wide variety of colors.. sure to go with any outfit. I have paired the hoodie and boots with the Cleo jean skirt in dirty from Maitreya and some awesome pink leggings from !Ohmai (basic sheer leggings, barbie).
To keep my hands warm I have on the new Glitter Mittens from la Petite Morte in purple and green. They are super cute and the day before I found them I had just been wondering if anyone had made any mittens.
To go with my wintery outfit I have on Sniffles one of the new Curio winter skins. It features flushed cheeks and a reddened nose. It’s terribly cute and perfect for any winter outfit.

eyelashes:Redgrave eyelashes-1
eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, brown
ears:Illusions punky ears, naturals (moded)
hair:Argrace Knit Beret Loose Up, dark brown
skin:Curio GP Acorn Frex [light] winter2, sniffles1

top:Surf Couture Vintage Fall Hoodie, seafoam
skirt:MaitreyaCleo Jean Skirt, dirty
leggings:!OhmaiBasic Sheer Leggings, barbie
mittens:La Petite Morte Purple and Green Glitter Mittens
lip piercings:Punk Store Moller lips 002

Fall Into Winter With Dizzy

So here I am jumping into the world of blogging… a bit scary, but i thought I would give it a go 🙂

As the temp starts to drop in real life I tend to bundle up more and more as winter sets on in SL… I donno.. maybe for the visual warmth. I found this outfit worked perfectly for the feeling of being warm on a crisp November day.
I paired a lovely plum top from Decoy called Dalini II with a gray vest jacket from MG Fashion (group gift color). It gave just enough warmth with out feel too bundled up too early. Also a must for me this time of year are lots os cozy boots! Here I am wearing the Foxely boots from Truth in mocha over dark blue jeans for Shit Luck.
I am usually not big for accessories likes rings and things, but when i saw this square turquoise stone ring from Elate I was in love. It’s very well made and very much something I would wear in real life.
Also showing off a new skin I bought. It’s Pink Fuel skye tea royal… and it’s is beautiful! I usually am a die hard Curio skin wearer, but when i saw the new [PF] skins at the Skin Expo i had to get it. The lips are simply yummy and I found the skin made me look different, but didn’t make me not look like Dizzy. i think i will soon be going back for a few more skins.. kekek.

eyelashes:Redgrave eyelashes-1
eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, brown
ears:Illusions punky ears, naturals (moded)
skin:[PF] Skye Tea Royal
hair:Truth Brooke treacle

shirt:Decoy Dalini II, plum
pants:Shit Luck low cut jeans, dark blue
vest:MG Fashion vest jacket, gray (group gift color)
shoes:Truth Foxely Boot, mocha
ring:Elate! Square stone ring, turquoise
lip piercings:Punk Store Moller lips 002