Walk in the Park

Just a simple look today. I really liked the mesh sweater dress that Tres Blah has out at this month’s Colber88. It was really hard to to pick which one to get and if I can scrounge up the money I will most likely get a few more (or all) of the other colors. I paired with with some rolled up jeans because it’s still a little chilly in my area. I love dresses that can also double as just tops though.. makes them so much more useable.
My bag is something I bought years ago and pretty much never used and totally forgot about until i was just looking through my inventory earlier. I don’t know how i forgot about it.. it’s so cute!

Also new on my is my skin! MY UGLYDOROTHY is or was having a sale (I don’t remember what the dates were for the sale) on select skins. I have looking at the skins from there for a while and thinking of getting one and this seemed a perfect chance. I think I ended up buying 4 or 5 skins! I went a little crazy. There were just so many different ones I could see myself using for different looks. And each skin there really has a different feel to it. I suggest going to check them out if you haven’t already, but you probably have.. i am just a little slow to some things. And if you hurry you may still catch the sale going on.

eyes: exodi Zbilja Brown Eyes
skin: My Uglydorothy Serah
Freckles: L. Fauna serious Freckles and
Dutch Touch Moles and Extra Freckles
hair: [e] Again

dress: tres blah Camille (April C88)
pants: Tres blah juju jeans
shoes: Surf Co. Board walkers
glasses: intrigue co. stripped sunglasses (April C88)
bag: Gritty Kitty Hoot bag
piercing: Nomine Horse shoe septum



Week 10 of 52 Weeks Of Color Challenge is sienna.

I thought this week’s color would be a bit tough, but I got an idea in my head and it turned out I already had what I needed.

eyes: Exodi Zbilja Brown Eyes
ear: illusory Elven Ears c1
skin: illusory Paige Stained A3
hair: booN XFE275 (modified)
freckles: L.Fauna Extra Freckles

blouse: Twosome A Lady’s Blouse
pants: {paper.doll} Emily Trousers
boots: G-field Short Lace-Up Boots
hat: Gritty Kitty October Hat (modified)
belt: B@R part of Airship Captain Lady’s outfit
gloves: B@R part of Over The Rainbow outfit (modified)
goggles: -Nala- Highwind Goggles (modified)

Steampunk II

I am back today with another Steampunk outfit. Although I am very sorry to say the corset and skirt are no longer available. They are from Twosome and were part of the Designers United 3 project, but they are so beautifully made I love wearing them. I have new boots that I am totally in love with and they are the reason i had to put together another Victorian/ Steampunk outfit. They are the Short Lace-up boots from G-field that are currently out at the shoe fair and they are yummy. I would die for some boots like this in real life. Very well textured and detailed. They come in tons of colors (*cough* I couldn’t resist… I got the fat pack) and also have options for alpha skin coverings of the foot if you are using viewer 2 or another compatible viewer.
Also new is my skin… yeah I have been a little bad lately. It’s the new JeJune skin from Tres Blah out now. If you like the more hand drawn skins than this is the skin for you… even if not this is a beautiful skin and I think everyone should check it out, because i have yet to see it not look good on any one. With each skin you get a few eyebrow options in a couple colors. There is also a freckle layer that uses the viewer 2 tattoo layer.
For accessories I have on a pair of bifocals I bought ages ago and sadly I cannot find the store any more and it’s no longer listed on the creator’s profile. My darling locket is from Yummy… it’s not necessarily Victorian, but I like it and thought it fit well enough.

eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, brown
skin:Tres Blah JeJune light rose
hair:booN XFE275 hair, chocolate (moded)

blouse:Twosome A Lady’s Blouse, white
corset, skirt:Twosome Part of Dancer by Day outfit (DU3 exclusive)
stockings:LeLutka Leggings, gray scale 3
shoes:G-field Short Lace-up boots, brown
hat:Gritty Kitty October Hat
necklace:Yummy Secret Garden Locket
glasses:[S-P] Magnifocal Bifocal (store gone?)
cuffs:Draconic Kiss Revers a Lacet, white (moded)

Little Bit Steampunk

When I first got the flower hair (from the last post) I loved it the way it was, but i also saw how awesome it would look for my Steampunk look if I were to rip off the flower! It’s so hard to find hairs that will work with hats when they have not been made with the hat, but this hair had a mass I would be taking off right where i wanted the hat.. thus leaving a bald spot and making it perfect to plop a hat on.

The hat is from Gritty Kitty and was once part of the Thursday hair which I have had for ages and been using for all my Steampunk looks. I had ripped the hat off the hair so i could use it separately only to realize later that they also sold the hat by itself… oh well. It’s a bit modded here to make the blue a bit darker. It’s a great hat and i would recommend picking it up. There are three sets of feathers and they each change colors and the hat and the band also change color and it’s easy to mod if you are unable to find that perfect color for your outfit.

Another must I would suggest to anyone wanting to put together a Steampunk or Victorian look would be the Imogene Ankle Boots from L&E. They are beautifully made and are the best replica of a Victorian boot I have seen on the grid. They also come in a multitude of colors to choose from and offer a few color options for the heel and the buttons.

The dress is from Bare Rose. I have about three or four Victorian/Steampunk style dresses from B@R that I love. The quality is wonderful, they always include a few color options and the price is amazing!

eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, brown
ears:Atomic Mystic Eleven Ears, stud
skin:Tres Blah Hiccup Swoon (was DU3 exclusive)
hair:booN XFE275, chocolate (modded)

dress:B@R Steam Rocket Ride
hat:Gritty Kitty October Hat
shoes:L&E Imogene Ankle Boots

Revamping an Old Favorite

Last year this was one of my most favorite outfits to wear so I though to give it a little 2010 update. My shape has changed ever so slightly since last year, but I am probably the only one that could tell it’s such a small change. Also if i were not so in love with eh Tres Blah Hiccup Swoon skin for DU3 I would actually have a darker skin tone than I had on last year… but I AM too in love with the swoon skin and liked it better in the lighter ton.
I am such a shopaholic that I forget about all the good things I bought before. I had fun putting on an older outfit and changing things up with some new items.. I might start doing this with a lot of other older outfits I have. Not only just to change them up, but I think it’s good to point out some older items along with all the new things coming out these days.
lol.. not only are there differences with the outfit from last year, but I see my photo skills are a little better as this year I was able to get a more straight on shot where as last year is a little skewed and looking down. Funny because it makes 2010 Dizzy look taller than 2009 Dizzy and I am actually a hair shorter now.
In the 2010 version I have changed the shoes from red rain boots to the new leather and fur lined boots from Reek… these boots are so awesomely awesome I have no other word for them, but awesome. The attention to detail is amazing… the texture and shading is brilliant… I can’t stop looking at them. I picked these reds ones up at the last 50L Friday, but as soon as i have some more money I’m going straight back to Reek and buying the rest of the colors.
I also added in some arm warmers instead of just the sleeves from the shrug. I have addicted to arm warmers.. I will admit it. I have so many, but the ones I have on today fairly new out from Fri.day and I loved them cause they went over the hands and have a cut out for the thumb so they are half like a mitten.

On 2009 Me:
eyes:Redgrave Python Green
ear:Illusions punky ears, naturals (moded to match skin)
skin:Curio GP Lumine Frex [light] dew
hair:Gritty Kitty Bubble Gum, brown

dress:DP Yumyum Tank Dress, gray
shrug:PBI Le Shrug (store has since been re-branded as Sprawl ..I checked and the shrug is still available.)
socks:Shiny Things Knit Knee Socks, charcoal
shoes:ETD Rain boots, red (I went back and checked today and seems the rainboots are no longer there.)
lip piercings:Punk Store Moller lips 002

On 2010 Me:
eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, brown
ears:Plastik Animalistic Elven ears-burdies
skin:Tres Blah Hiccup light skin, swoon (DU3 exclusive)
hair:CBC Somebody’s lady, coffee

dress:DP Yumyum Tank Dress, gray
shrug:PBI Le Shrug (re-branded as Sprawl)
armwarmers:fri.day Armwarmers, black
socks:Shiny Things Knit Knee Socks, charcoal
shoes:Reek Autumn Boots, red