All Dressed Up And Not A Place To Go

Happy New years everyone! Just a few hours left in the year for me and then hello 2012!I hope everyone is having a fun and safe New Years.

skin: leafy Nova
eyes: Exodi Zbilja Brown Eyes
hair: booN WNO003
freckles: L. fauna Serious Freckles

dress: Willow The Almost Lover Dress (last FLF)
shoes: Celoe Zoe Pumps
necklace: league Perls and lace (modified)

pose : LAP Gettin Down 7


Pink Lemonade and PANTS!

When mesh came out I was a little iffy about people rushing to use it for clothing. I didn’t think for most things it would work well because there is no way to edit it.. not even to adjust the placement of it. Also because the mesh item would be made to fit the creator and I definitely don’t have the same body as most creators as I always have to adjust the things I buy.
Well I am here to eat my words! I am fully on the mesh clothing bandwagon now and all thanks to these great pants from Celoe. In my opinion they have to be the single most awesome pants in existence! Celoe is one of a collective of creators to use a standard sizing chart for mesh clothing. The data for the standard sizing was taken right from us the consumers and more to my amazement… I fit into one of the sizes! I only had to fiddle with my hips by about one or two points, so little that no one but me would ever know I changed. I seriously love these pants so much I never want to take them off. I also wish the makers of Celoe would now make a wide legged denim pant. *hinthintsmile*

Today I decided to dress down the trousers by wearing sneakers instead of heels. I added in one of my film crew shirts from Friday and threw on a nice bright yellow cardigan from Tres Blah. I have a soft spot for sweaters and cardigans and I think before too long I will own every color of these ones from Tres Blah. They are so cute and a perfect length.
My necklace I got at a past colabr88 from Fashionably Dead and now i wish I bought more because I have not seen it in the main store. (Maybe I am not looking in the right spot.. if someone sees them in the store please let me know!) I am usually not a big accessories person and tend to not like jewelery in Secondlife at all other than a few piercings. This necklace has changed all that. Or maybe it’s only for this necklace I have changed my mind. I can’t really say what it is about it that I love so much either. Perhaps because it reminds me of a broken off crystal necklace I ha as a kid. What ever it is.. I have been finding ways to incorporate this necklace into a lot of my outfits since buying it.
Gosh I didn’t realize how much spending I had done lately till writing this. My hair is also new! I used to always wear pink hair and I think it’s high time I went back to it. Picked this hair up at Boon along with a couple more. I really like a lot of their newer hairs, I will be making a trip back there as soon as I have more funds.
If you are in need of a new skin I highly suggest checking out Leafy. She has a few different ones out… today I am wearing the newest one called Nova. They are all gorgeous and all I have been wearing for the last 3 months!

skin:Leafy Nova Cream Cat
hair:booN UKA687 + booN hair base
eyes: Exodi Zbilja Brown Eyes
freckles:L. Fauna Serious Freckles + L. Fauna Rubby Nose (it’s cooold outside!)

shirt:Friday Film Crew
pants:Celoe Lolong trousers
sweater:Tres Blah Boyfriend Cardigan
shoes:UBU Low Tops
necklace:Fashionably Dead Crystal Necklace
glasses:Reek Aguie Glasses


Week 10 of 52 Weeks Of Color Challenge is sienna.

I thought this week’s color would be a bit tough, but I got an idea in my head and it turned out I already had what I needed.

eyes: Exodi Zbilja Brown Eyes
ear: illusory Elven Ears c1
skin: illusory Paige Stained A3
hair: booN XFE275 (modified)
freckles: L.Fauna Extra Freckles

blouse: Twosome A Lady’s Blouse
pants: {paper.doll} Emily Trousers
boots: G-field Short Lace-Up Boots
hat: Gritty Kitty October Hat (modified)
belt: B@R part of Airship Captain Lady’s outfit
gloves: B@R part of Over The Rainbow outfit (modified)
goggles: -Nala- Highwind Goggles (modified)

Roses n’ Bows

Taking a break from all the winter wear… today I am wearing this adorable dress from BOOM. Tons of wonderfully sculpted roses give a hopeful glimpse at what’s waiting just on the other side of Winter weather.
I paired it with a pair of black “Fit to be Tied” Gloves new from La Petite Morte. They come in a variety of colors and of course each has a cute over sized bow at the wrist.
Also new is my skin from Tres Blah called Honey Bunny.

eyes: Exodi Zbilja Eyes
ears: The Plastik Elven Ears
skin: Tres Blah Honey Bunny
hair: booN QPT129

dress: BOOM Somnium Dress
gloves: La Petite Morte Fit to be Tied Gloves
shoes: G-Field Short Lace Up Boots

Designers United 4

Designers United is upon us again and it packed with great artists with tons of awesome creations this time.
In the above picture I am wearing the Narcissus dress from Twosome and the Daffodil Flats from La Petite Morte made of the event. Also standing on the special photo set from La Petite Morte (pose in first photo not included).
The skin is Echo Meadow from Tres Blah and its one of 3 beautiful skins made especially for the event.

Here I am in the Narcissus Flower dress from Oyakin which is a complete outfit including shoes and a flower for your hair. Again I am using the La Petite Morte photo set and this pose is included in the set. This photo set compliments all the flower based buys at Designers United this year… you should check it out.

Other credits:
hairs: booN 129, and Lamb Lovage
eyes: Exodi

Hair Fair 2010

Here I am with the first of my purchases from Hair Fair 2010. With the addition of the Hair Demo group this year it made a lot of my shopping so much easier because I could check out most shops’ demos at home and lag free and not have to worry about making trips back to sims for demos and then to buy the hair I wanted. The group was a great idea and I hope they do continue with the idea for next year as well.. the only thing I would change is opening the group up earlier for creators to send the demos over like a weeks time. It was a bit of an overload to get them all on one day.

Sasha from I love the headband with the bow on this hair. It’s so wonderfully made and textured that even though i have similar hairs I still had to have this one.

Fiona from The side hair knot on this one was so cute i could not resist.

French Connection from Clawtooth. Love the waviness of this hair and the beret.. I can see it with some many outfits already!

129 from BooN. This hair had some many awesome things going on I had to have it.