Lazy Days

It’s been a couple of gray and rainy days here so as usual that means I stay in and have a bit of a lazy day. Of course that also leads to lazy days in SL too so this comfy outfit was put together.

eyes: Insufferable Dastard Gem Eyes
skin: Dutch Touch Eesmee
Freckles: Dutch Touch Moles and Extra Freckles
hair: [e] Interrupt

sweater: Mon Tissu Slouchy Sweatshirt
under tank: Surf co Hermana tank
pants: Maitreya Stefani Pants
boots: Anexx knit legwarmers + flats
piercing: pekka

couch with included pose: Lisp



Week 31 of 52 Weeks Of Color Challenge is denim.

eyes: Exodi Zbilja Brown Eays
skin: The Body Co. Sage
freckles: L. Fauna Full Body Freckles
hair: Lamb Wild Nothing

dress: Boom A Day On The Yacht Dress
hat: Boom Ahoy Sailor Cap
shoes: Anexx Vaudevillian Shoes (DU exclusive a few years back)

pose: [LAP] Sweet Pea

New Skin at La Petite Morte

Just out last night at La petite Morte is this really cute skin for only $100L! I adore this skin with it’s doll-like rosey cheeks and little white polka dots. Another plus for me was the nice and dark eyebrows. The lips were not overly plumped like some skins can be and the nose was nicely shadowed and high lighted so it didn’t make my form nose look odd. It comes in three tones… pale, light and sunkissed.
For my outfit I have pulled some things out of my inventory that I have not wore in quite some time. The is from Church of Lux and I loved it so much I bought it in a few colors back when I found it. The texture is really high quality and has these cute little bows on the shoulders Which I thought went well with the new doll like skin from La Petite Morte. My armwarmers today are from Untone Quilt and i tried to find the store earlier and sad to say i could not find it anywhere. I hope it’s just my searching skills that suck and not that the store is no more… they had some really cute items. Either way I love these armwarmers because they have cute little crocheted flowers on them. I have them both in pink and the gray I am wearing today. The tights i got from the ANEXX nordic knit boots I bought. I couldn’t see if the tights were sold alone, but the boots they came with are well worth it anyways. My boots are from TOSL and I am sad I had forgotten about them, when I got them I loved them so much. I guess these are the true signs that I have a serious shopping

eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, hazel
ears:Plastik Animalistic Elven ears-burdies
skin:La Petite Morte Bernice, light, Raggedy-Ann. Tatum, cranky brown

dress:Church of Lux Gretchen, pink
armwarmers:Untone Quilt handwarmer, gray (can’t find the store again)
tights:ANEXX Knit leggings dark brown boarder (came with ANEXX legwarmer+flats)
shoes:TOSL Sweater Wellies, charcoal

More Cozy

It was a cold and rainy day here so after my wet walk home I needed something cozy to change into. What I changed into on SL is not too far off from what I put on to warm up in RL.
This outfit also gave me the chance to wear a new hair i got a few weeks ago. It’s a newish one from :::69::: and has the scarf built in so they have styled it for the hair to fall around it or under it and not look odd. I really like this hair, but i am annoyed with a few things. One being when you buy the pricey hair you don’t get all the scarf texture options… to get them all you’d have to buy the exact same hair again o.O which is a little crazy to me.. i just don’t have the money to waste like that and had a hard time picking which pack of scarves i thought I would use more. I went with the plain, but then when putting this outfit together i thought I would have liked one of the patterned ones. In addition to having two different packs for scarf textures, they have two different scarf styles. The one I am wearing which is once wrapped around and the other that has both ends fall in front. Again if you want both you’d have to buy another of the exact hair just for the other scarf style and if you wanted it in both texture styles you’re talking FOUR packs of the same hair! Lastly there were three down hair styles and one half up hair style.. the three that are down are basically the same hair with just slightly different bangs, so again if you wanted a little variety in your bangs style you’d have to buy the same hair 3 times over .. in two scarf styles.. and in 2 scarf textures. To me all I saw was the store being money hungry… and they are already one of the more expensive places out there on the grid for hair. *end rant*
On a more happier note.. I LOVE my cozy lounge pants from Surf Couture and as soon as I get more money will be going back for a few more colors.

eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, brown
ears:Plastik Animalistic Elven ears-burdies
skin:Tres Blah Hiccup Lavender Lippie (Stumblebum)
hair::::69::: Verte 02 Knit Scarf, dark chestnut

top:Surf Couture Rendezvous Printed V-neck, mint
pants:Surf Couture Elma Cozy Pants, dusty rose
armwarmers:Maitreya armwarmers, magnolia
boots:ANEXX Knit legwarmers+flats, gray

Not Dizzy

As the title says I am not Dizzy… well I am I just don’t look very Dizzy at the moment. The other day I got a note card for Designers United…. I had never heard of it before so I know I didn’t join a group for notices. Thankfully one of the groups I *am* in was in on this times theme (vaudeville) and I was notified otherwise I would have missed out on a lot of really awesome things!
The first thing I found and fell in love with was this new skin from Tres Blah and it’s also the reason why I am not Dizzy right now. The skin is beautiful.. just look at that cute little nose, the luscious lips and uniquely different thick eyebrows, but it didn’t look the way I would have hoped on my real shape. So I set out to make a new shape that would show off the skin, well in the way I wanted it to that is. Anyway.. back to the skin. There are some really neat features to the skin, like 3 different eyebrow styles that each come in two different shades also the skin has freckled and non freckled versions. It’s so adorable I donno when i will change back to normal Dizzy and it has opened my eyes to a new skin maker… oh great like I really needed to have another skin maker taking all my monies… kekek. I have on one of my most favorite Lamb hairs, Poppyseed, and beings I was not myself I thought to switch things up a bit and have it on in a much lighter shade, but I think it works.
For my outfit I have strayed just a little from the all bundled up winter look I have been sporting for the last two moths and have on a spaghetti strap tunic dress. I did add a tank top and some jeans under it for added warmth though, but in spring this will be a really cute dress all one it’s own. Good news on that is i bought it during a big sale and got the fat pack. I love the folded over and tied off detail in the middle, very well sculpted.
My shoes are a great winter must and very much like a pair of knit boots I have in real life. I have on the plain version of the gray knit leg warmers+flats from ANEXX. Each pair comes with a plain version and a Nordic version which matches the Nordic coat from Aoharu AND like 13 pairs of knit leggings! Making this a pair of shoes I am sad I did not fat pack.. oh well.

eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, gray
ears:Plastik Animalistic Elven ears-burdies
skin:Tres Blah Hiccup light skin, swoon (DU 3 vaudeville)
hair:Lamb Poppyseed, butterfinger

tank Boyfriend Beater, gray
dress:Surf Couture Colleen, burgundy
pants:Surf Couture Hot Cocoa stained jeans, dark gray
shoes:ANEXX Knit legwarmers +flats, gray