Cute Goth

Who says if you are feeling in a dark and gothic mood you can’t also be cute and wear some color!? Fall always makes me want to wear darker clothes and especially around Halloween my inner goth usually shows up. It can be hard at time to completely put away the bright and pastel colors I also love so I thought, why should I? And figured I would just wear them together.

The look pretty much instantly came together in my head as soon as I saw this dress from Tres Blah at the current round of Collaber88. It was love at first sight. I bought it in black for now, but I am pretty sure I will go back and get it in pink before the month is up.
I picked up my cute little bat friend from HalfDeer on the Tag Gacha tour. If you have not done the Tag Gacha thing yet I highly recommend it. There are tons of great creators with neat things for the event. Not to mention there is a fun back story to the whole experience.

Also check out the awesome new decorative pumpkins from Botanical! They come in 3 different sizes and a bunch of designs. You can even set them up to say Trick Or Treat, the perfect finishing touch for any home.

eyes: IKON Perspective eyes
skin: La Petite Morte The Raven (the secret affair 9/15)
freckles: Beusy beusymark pack 1
hair: Truth Lilith
hands & feet: Slink

dress: Tres Blah Darling
shoes: Reign Ari Boots
peircing: Pekka
tights: Cannibelle Vintage Mock Stocking Tights
bat: Half-deer (Tag Gacha)

pose: My Own + what comes in the bat


Fox Friend

I just can’t seem to resist these adorable animal friends Birdy/Alchemy keep putting out! They make such a great team, can’t wait to see what is next.

There were lots of great things at this month’s Collaber88, I hope everyone got a chance to check it out.
This dress from U.F.O is one of my favorite from this round (one of.. there were many). It was so hard to choose a which sweater color to get so I ended up getting this lovely minty color. I think I might get another in yellow or grey, I have not decided yet. I wish there had been a fat pack HUD for the sweater. I simply could not at all choose which HUD pattern pack to get for the dress itself so I just got the fat pack of them all.

eyes: IKON Promise eyes
skin: Essences Emma
freckles: Dead Apples puamette Freckles and Dutch Touch
moles and extra freckles
hair: Lamb Austin (April c88)
hands & feet: Slink

dress: U.F.O Blooming Moment Dress (April c88)
shoes: friday Sarah Sandals (seasons Story)
fox: Birdy/alchemy Forest babies
piercing: Pekka

pose: my own

Rudy the Red Glasses Wearing Reindeer

There is this adorable new holiday sweater out at The Secret Store. As soon as i saw it I knew I had to have it and an outfit idea pretty much immediately came to mind. The sweater works wonderfully with the high waisted skinny jeans from the Secret Store and that’s what I have paired wit with here.
My shoes were a happy inventory find because I didn’t remember buying them at all! That’s a real sign one needs to work on their shopping habit if they can’t even remember buying something. The shoes are cute suede looking wedges with a bow on the toe from Ingenue. I think I may go get a few other pairs in some other colors.

My very most favorite skin store, Dutch Touch, is closing and I’s so sad! I had to take a trip there to see if there were any skins I had been holding off on getting. One of the new to me skins I got (not new to the store) is this one called Roos. I remember looking at it before and thinking how cute it was. I think I ended up not getting it because I didn’t have the money and by the time I had the money there was another new skin out I wanted. I just love the cute little button nose on this skin! In total I think I have bought 3 more skins I had been putting off and have another I am debating to get. I suggest if you ever wanted a Dutch Touch skin to get yourself down there before the new year, after that it will be gone. These skins are so well made to me they still look much better than even some being made today. Dutch Touch will be missed greatly.

eyes: Insufferable Dastard Gem Eyes
skin: Dutch Touch roos
Freckles: Dutch Touch Moles and Extra Freckles
hair: truth Adeline
L. Fauna Ruby Nose

top: The Secret Store Christmas Sweater
pants: The Secret store Rise Skinnt Jeans
shoes: Ingenue Cindy
antlers: artilleri
piercings: Pekka

Dizzy Buffay

I’ve been watching a lot of old Friends re-run lately and I think that subconsciously influenced my outfit when it was coming together. After I was done all I could think was Phoebe Buffay. It started and just summery things and then all these layers were added. I am usually not too big on accessories, but this outfit seemed to call for them and with each item added it seemed more and more Phoebe to me.

eyes: Insufferable Dastard Gem Eyes
skin: Dutch Touch Eesmee
Freckles: Dutch Touch Moles and Extra Freckles
hair: Lamb Ruby

v-neck: Mon Tissu Park Avenue top
tank: Mon Tissu Lycia Tank
shoes: Toki Doki Casual Sandals
piercings: .Pekka Solitude Piercing
Tattoos: Rezlpsa Sacred heart
necklace: Fashionably Dead Crystal Necklace
rings: Elate Square Stone ring, elate sunny rose ring
bracelette: tres blah viva le bracelets

Poses: Reel Movement