Flowers and Flowers

The theme this month for Collaber8 is Midsummer and I am in love. It immediately makes me think Midsummer Night’s dream which happens to be one of my favorite plays. So when I first heard what the them was it brought to mind flowers, trees fairies and enchantment. I was really excited for this theme to open up and let me tell you I was not disappointed with the items made for this round.
Mt very first purchase was this adorable frilly summery dress from Tres Blah. I don’t ever want to take this dress off!
Next I got the Ange hair from D!va. It’s so cute and perfect for traipsing around a forest with all it’s wispy pieces. It comes with a flower crown, but you can also turn it off as well as change the color of the flowers. There are also a few extra pieces of rigged mesh you can add to make it look like the bottom half of the hair is swept over the shoulders.
The last thin in this outfit that is from C88 is my necklace from Noodles. I and usually not really big on accessories, but lately I have been liking them more and more. Could be that they are looking so much better with new creative tools out there. Anyway this one was so pretty and delicate looking it just called to me.

For the last few months I have been wearing Ikon eyes and haven’t really mentioned this other than to list what I am wearing. Well now I am going to take the time.
I think Ikon eyes are the best I have seen in SL to date. I am a full convert. I have eyes from a few different lines and even though a lot of the same colors are made in each line style they look so different because each line has a new feel. There is so much detail in the eyes, sometimes I find myself just staring into my avatar’s eyes getting lost in their rich color. And such a wide variety of colors there are! There are so many different colors I want. When I go to the store I have to limit myself otherwise I would buy them all.

eyes: IKON ardent eyes
skin: Dutch Touch Esmee
Freckles: Dutch Touch Moles and Extra Freckles + Beusy mark v.3 (freckles)
hair: D!va Ange

dress: tres blah Frilly Dress
shoes + feet: Slink womens natural barefeet and Ilena Sandals
necklace: Noodles Sketchy flower necklace
piercings: Pekka

pose: adorkable flower child 4
pose for close up: [LAP] – WG-The Achariya


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