Food Fair 2013

YAY! I made it to Food Fair and there are tons of cute things there.
One of my favorite things was this adorable donut headband. It’s in a gatcha machine from Sugar. I just want to take another giant bite out of each ear.
I also picked up my cotton candy which came with poses at Food Fair. It has about a couple poses with the prop and they are all really cute.

Also from Food Fair is this lovely skin from La Petite Morte. The one I am wearing is called Raspberry Tart. I love how delicate it looks and its smattering of Strawberry Shortcake freckles.

eyes: IKON Destiny Eyes
skin: La Petite Morte Peony Raspberry Tart (Food Fair)
hair: LaViere Colette

top: tres blah tucked tee
skirt: boom Minka Mini
Legwarmers + shoes: Blueberry Kimmy
headband: Sugar Yummy Bites Headband (Food Fair)
piercings: Pekka
bracelets: Boom

cotton candy Sugar Heart Sweet on you pose and cotton candy prop (food Fair)


Hair Fair 2013

It’s that time of year again… HAIR FAIR!!! *runs around with crazy flailing arms* Out of all the fair type events, like skin fair, pose fair, etc…, Hair Fair is my most favorite. One can never have too much hair, right? It’s so easy in SL to change your hair from short to long and back again. Dye it crazy colors or bring it back to a natural color. I have to have lots of variety in my hairs to fit every mood and whim I may have.

With so many great hair creators these days I find it really hard to limit myself. I went way overboard last year buying nearly 40 hairs! Looking back at my old post I realized that so many of them I forgot I had and never wore again. So when it came to hair fair this time I gave myself a stern talking to about really thinking over what hairs I would buy. I still went a little overboard, but really who could blame me with all the awesome hair out there this year?! The total number of hairs I got this is is just under half of what I got last year so i will count that as goal accomplished in not going totally overboard.
You might want to sit back, this is going to be kind of a long post.

Last year Laviere was a new to me hair store, but over the last year they have been working their way to being one of my favorite stores. When I finally got into the fair, which surprisingly didn’t take that long, just a few minutes of constant tp attempts, Laviere was one of the first stores I hit up. As I said before I was really trying to limit myself on what to buy and these two hairs were the ones I felt I could not live with out. It was more difficult to choose which color pack to buy them in actually. Lately I have only been getting fades, I just love that look and Laviere has a great pack with fades, but their textures are so beautifully made that even in the solid colors there is a nice variation to keep the hair from looking flat. I ended up just getting the pastel color pack because the colors are really pretty an it’s the perfect pink!
I simply loved this little curly hair from Tram! I only wish Tram did more non natural colors, but there was this dark salmon-y color that can pass ff as pink so it worked out.

Lamb has some really cute hairs out this year. One of my absolute favorites is True Faith. There is also a similar hair called Blue Monday out and it’s basically the same except it has rolled under and very retro looking bangs. I loved it too and I wear retro styled things a lot, but I had to look long and hard at both hairs and choose which I thought I would get more use out of. Remember trying to stick to a goal of not going too crazy here. As much as I loved the rolled under bangs the more swept to the side fringe won out.
The other hair I got from Lamb is Thieves Like Us. I love that the braids are not super thick. So many braid hairs in SL seem so huge and thick to me. Now I have a lot of hair in RL and the curls ad a lot of volume and thickness to it, but when I braid my hair it is smaller and not all huge like braids tend to be in SL.
Fashionable Dead has some really cute hairs out this year, but by the time I got there I was running low on funds and could only get one. It was hard to choose as this year all (fd) hairs come packaged with two versions… TWO! In the end I got Mercury. I really liked the little floral knotted headband and think I’ll wear it more than the others.

There are a lot of hairs this year with really cute accessories. Ohmai is one of the shops with some of those hairs. I got Athena and Kun. As soon as I put Kun on it reminded me of Melora from Rasputina and could already picture some photo ops and outfits to wear it with.
Some lovely hairs from Clawtooth this yeah, I couldn’t live with out Tootsie. The best thing I think is he’s made a color pack with some of the colors he had int he last arcade round. This pink is my favorite by far.

ISON hair is new to me. Maybe it’s it is new in general, I donno I forget to check back at stores often to see what new things they are up to, but I just remember the clothes. I really liked these two hair styles and they have some nice colors and fades. When you buy the hair you get it with basic colors, and then you have the option to buy other packs on huds. Buying the hair plus the color pack was about 300L, which is nice because for the price of most hairs you get essential natural colors, plus another pack of colors of your choosing. It works out great for me because if I like a hair a lot I will buy it in a basic brown or blonde pack PLUS what ever pack gives me a nice pink or dip dye colors and i was able to do just that for only the price of basically one hair.
LeLutka is another shop this year with pretty accessories for their hair. And I am so happy now that more and more LeLutka hair is being offered in non natural colors!

I was pleasantly surprised by Ploom this year. They usually always have nice hair, just not always in my style. There were two that I just had to have this year. Cassie is so cute with the looped pigtails I could not resist and I really like Ploom’s dip dye pack called Candy.
The other hair I got is Raichu, it’s kinda cute and sassy ponytails done in bunches. There are some really nice details in this hair. Like up front where the hair is in the first band how it is a little poofy, but you can see where the rubber band weighs it down a bit. And the way the swoopy bangs separate from that top poofy part just look brilliant to me. I don’t want to be rude or anything like that, but I really feel like I can see some growth in technique with these latest hairs from Ploom at the fair.
And last, but not least the hairs I picked up at Eaters Coma. This was another shop that made it hard to limit myself. Hair 27 is kinda similar in style to one I got at ISON, but I justified the purchase by reasoning I’d wear the ISON on more in the pinks and as Eaters Coma doesn’t offer funky colors then I would wear it in natural brown. See, perfect reason to get two similar styles!

So those were my picks from this year’s fair. If you haven’t been yet you really should. It didn’t take long to actually get there at all and I made 3 trips and was amazed each time how quickly I got in. Previous years it would literally take me days to get a TP to actually go, but not this year. Also this year’s build is so awesome and cute! If you are having a hard time getting around I suggest finding one of the “bus” dispensers. They really are a life saver for getting around the fair.

Other credits:
skin: Dutch Touch
freckles and moles: Dutch Touch and Beusy
eyes: Ikon
piercing: pekka
tattoo: soulbeats
top: tee*fy

Ruffle Ruins

If you have already been to C88 and think you are done I highly suggest to make another trip out there. It’s pretty easy to now with Hair Fair open and everyone fighting to get in there.
Why should you go back? Well Botanical was a little late, but once you see the beautiful tower ruin he has made you will understand it was well worth the wait. This ruin piece is so beautiful, I cannot say enough! I was so excited to see this piece and the potential of things being added later to expands the set. I might have to rework my forest so it fits in better. At the moment I got it into a little open-ish field, but it’s not being shown the best so definitely have to rework a some things.

Obviously I needed just one more frilly forest fairy feeling outfit to wear in the pictures, so I bought the ruffle dress from ISON at C88. I had been eyeing the dress already, but not 100% sure if I should get it. The dress pair wonderfully with my new hair from Lelutka that I picked up at Hair Fair (my hair Fair posts will come later).

eyes: IKON Ardent eyes
skin: Dutch Touch Esmee
Freckles: Dutch Touch Moles and Extra Freckles + Beusy mark v.3 (freckles)
hair: Lelutka Lorella

dress:ISON Ruffle Dress
shoes: ISON Leather Strap Sandals
feet: Slink Natural Barefeet
piercings: Pekka
tattoo: soulbeats Tattoo Wisdom

pose: Flowey before I fade Away

Botanical – Forest Ruins Tower

Romper Skates

Back with some more frilly things from the current C88. It may look like one piece but I am wearing a separate top and shorts, but when worn together they make a cute little romper perfect for summer. I love that the pieces are separate so they can be worn many different ways and with different clothes to give new looks. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a dress or romper type outfit and thought “that’s cute, but I really just want the top,” or bottom or whatever. The last couple of things I have seen from Tee*fy has separated the top and the bottom and I think it’s great!
The outfit just screamed Summer to me and for some reason I thought back to my childhood (could have been cause that was the last time I was ever in a romper type outfit when my mom was still dressing me). One of my favorite things to do in Summer was to slap on my skates and roll around the neighborhood, yes I am old so I had the classic style skates not those weird inline things.

eyes: IKON Destiny eyes
skin: Dutch Touch Esmee
Freckles: Dutch Touch Moles and Extra Freckles + Beusy mark v.3 (freckles)
hair: Wasabi Pills Sugar High

Top and shorts: Tee*fy Bella Ruffles Camisole and Heather Ruffles High-Waisted Shorts
skates: The Secret Store
piercings: Pekka
tongue: Tartessos Arts Ultimate Tongue
Popsicle: Flowey Orange Pop

pose: Flowey this heart of mine
*Please note the pose and the Popsicle are separate. It was coincidence I found a pose also at Flowey that would work to make it look like I was licking the pop once I had a tongue on and adjusted the pop around a bit.

location: Britannia Island

Flowers and Flowers

The theme this month for Collaber8 is Midsummer and I am in love. It immediately makes me think Midsummer Night’s dream which happens to be one of my favorite plays. So when I first heard what the them was it brought to mind flowers, trees fairies and enchantment. I was really excited for this theme to open up and let me tell you I was not disappointed with the items made for this round.
Mt very first purchase was this adorable frilly summery dress from Tres Blah. I don’t ever want to take this dress off!
Next I got the Ange hair from D!va. It’s so cute and perfect for traipsing around a forest with all it’s wispy pieces. It comes with a flower crown, but you can also turn it off as well as change the color of the flowers. There are also a few extra pieces of rigged mesh you can add to make it look like the bottom half of the hair is swept over the shoulders.
The last thin in this outfit that is from C88 is my necklace from Noodles. I and usually not really big on accessories, but lately I have been liking them more and more. Could be that they are looking so much better with new creative tools out there. Anyway this one was so pretty and delicate looking it just called to me.

For the last few months I have been wearing Ikon eyes and haven’t really mentioned this other than to list what I am wearing. Well now I am going to take the time.
I think Ikon eyes are the best I have seen in SL to date. I am a full convert. I have eyes from a few different lines and even though a lot of the same colors are made in each line style they look so different because each line has a new feel. There is so much detail in the eyes, sometimes I find myself just staring into my avatar’s eyes getting lost in their rich color. And such a wide variety of colors there are! There are so many different colors I want. When I go to the store I have to limit myself otherwise I would buy them all.

eyes: IKON ardent eyes
skin: Dutch Touch Esmee
Freckles: Dutch Touch Moles and Extra Freckles + Beusy mark v.3 (freckles)
hair: D!va Ange

dress: tres blah Frilly Dress
shoes + feet: Slink womens natural barefeet and Ilena Sandals
necklace: Noodles Sketchy flower necklace
piercings: Pekka

pose: adorkable flower child 4
pose for close up: [LAP] – WG-The Achariya

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope you all have a fun and safe day what ever you do.

eyes: IKON Ascension eyes
skin: Dutch Touch Esmee
Freckles: Dutch Touch Moles and Extra Freckles + Beusy mark v.3 (freckles)
hair: wasabi pills Tanya

dress: Tee*fy Aurelia Summer High-Low dress
jacket: Emery Denim Jacket
shoes: Ingenue Organigue flats
hair bow: Noodles Fourth of July Bow
braclets: Boom Friendship Bracelets
piercings: Pekka

pose: adorkable retro 2