Hair Fair 2012

So many hairs! Its going to be a long time before I need to buy another hair in SL. Mind you I said “need”… doesn’t mean I wont..hehe.
This is the first installment of my hair fair posts. I figured it’d break them up so they weren’t so long.

Clawtooth has some really cute hairs out this year. I picked up these two, Starlight and Going Steady. I simply adore Starlight! The swoopy bun thing on top reminds me so much of earlier Clawtooth hairs that made me fall in love with the store. Going Steady has a nice loose braid down the back and messy short hair in the front which gives a perfect care free feeling for tons of summer looks.

When I got to the Fashionably Dead stall I pretty much knew before trying on any demos that I would be buying most the hairs she has out, but thought just to be sure I better try the demos anyways. Turns out I was right and no need for demos. On the left is the hair Sunday, which has a counter part hair named Saturday with both sides of the hair in front. I liked them both, but the one side tucked ended up looking better on me.
Top right is Marie which has a cute side rolled bun type dealy with loose strands in front… another hair I could picture wearing with most summer styles or anything really.
Bottom right is Garden. What can I say I am a sucker for wavy locks and headbands.

Alice Project is a new to me store. I was very pleased with the styles and quality of the hairs I will defiantly be checking out her store in the future. I picked up the hairs Hyori and Namie (left to right). Alice project hairs have a rather unique coloring system. You get a blank hair and it comes with a HUD to add on the hair textures in a variety of hair colors and using a second HUD you can also tint the hair to pretty much any color you want. Also offered separately are extra HUDs with special packs of dye jobs for the hair which can be applied to any Alice Project hairs using the system. I was a little confused at first because the ads for the hairs say “No colors included,” but I think now that means the extra color HUDs… never fear there is a HUD with all the basic colors included in the hairs.

Exile has great hair with fun accessories this year. Here I have on Sea of Love (left) which comes with an optional band made of shells and pearls. On the right is Silent Wings and that one comes with feathers that color change by touch.

I can’t wait to start styling with all these hairs!
I shall return with more hairs in a bit, but I suggest you start gathering your virtual pennies now. There are so many great hairs this year we’ll all be crying broke with in the next few days.

other credits:
skin: Dutch Tough
eyes: Insufferable Dastard
tattoo and piercings: Pekka
Top and skirt: Tres Blah (July Colaber88)


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