Summer Comfort

Just another easy outfit put together for comfort.
The big new purchase this look are my feet an shoes. Having already taken the plunge into prim feet I could not pass up the women’s Bare feet from Slink. I really wanted just some nice flip flop shoes and Slink had some of the best ones out there and you need the feet to wear the shoes. Now after wearing prim feet I donno if I can ever go back to just the plain system feet. The Slink feet are mesh and are highly detail… well worth the cost. Another nice feature is Slink is making different types of shoes to be used with the feet. I found it pretty easy to match the feet to my skin which is still a fear I have with prim body parts.
Also new are my sunglasses from Artilleri and I LOVE them! They were out last week for FLF and I am so glad I remembered to go grab them. I want a pair just like them in real life!

eyes: Insufferable Dastard Gem Eyes
skin: Dutch Touch Eesmee
Freckles: Dutch Touch Moles and Extra Freckles
hair: fashionably dead Sunday
ears: illusions sprite ears

sweatshirt: mon tissu slouchy sweatshirt
tank: surf co. hermana tank
shorts: mon tissu cuffed denim shorts
shoes: slink aussie thongs
feet: slink womens natural barefeet
piercings: .Pekka Solitude Piercing
chest tattoo: The Habitat Firenze
neck tattoo: Pekka Love Me
glasses: artilleri keyhole sunglasses
ring: earth stones johanna ring

Poses: [LAP]MS1 Runway 4


Dappled Sunlight

Just kind of a quick and easy look that came together when I was trying to decide which Hair Fair buy to wear first.
The top and the skirt are both from Tres Blah at Colaber88 this month. Each come in a few other colors and I think I’ll be going to get the rest of them before the month is up. So many uses for both, it’s nice to have simple staple items like this in the virtual closet.

eyes: Insufferable Dastard Gem Eyes
skin: Dutch Touch Eesmee
Freckles: Dutch Touch Moles and Extra Freckles
hair: exile Silent Wings
ears: Illusions Sprite ears

top: Tres Blah Tucked Tee (colaber88 July)
skirt: Tres Blah Maxi Skirt (colaber88 July)
shoes: Maitreya Yaxkin
piercings: Pekka Solitude Piercing
ring: Earth Stones Johanna Ring – Coral (colaber88 july)
braclet: Ronsem Leather Bracelet (group gift)
neck tattoo: pekka Love Me
chest tattoo: Habitat Firenze

pose: [LAP] MS2 Runway 20

Summer Dress

I am a little late blogging this, but better late than never right?
I can’t express how much I am in love with this dress! It’s adorable and if I had the money I would get it in the other four colors it comes in. I picked this up at the Culture Shock event from the store Spright, which I had never heard of before seeing them at the event. I eagerly await seeing what new things they will have out in future.

I have also bought my first pair of footed shoes! I was a hold out for ages. I was always worried I’d be one of those people walking around with feet a totally different color than my skin and just look ridiculous. A few months ago I happened to get the demo for Maitreya’s Yaxkin sandal/feet shoes. They were exactly the type of shoe I had been looking for in both SL and RL, but I was still scared of them. So for months I would take out the demo every few days and try it on again. Asked countless friends if it was really hard to match up skin tone. Not only was I scared of matching up the skin, but the shoes cost a pretty penny and would take most my money so I had to be sure.
I finally caved and I regret wasting so much time in getting these shoes! The feet are so well made and are some of the most realistic SL feet I have ever seen. To make skin matching easier Maitreya has added in values for a lot of popular skin brands and tones already so it was super simple to match up. Of course my skin I am currently wearing was included in the list so I have not tried to adjust the feet to a skin not listed, but with so many options I think it wont be that hard. I have not really taken the shoes off since buying them! Now i just need to find the exact pair in real life and I will be set.

eyes: Insufferable Dastard Gem Eyes
skin: Dutch Touch Eesmee
Freckles: Dutch Touch Moles and Extra Freckles
hair: elikatira Return

dress: Spright Inspire Dress
shoes: Maitreya Yaxkin
piercings: .Pekka Solitude Piercing
chest tattoo: The Habitat Firenze
neck tattoo: Pekka Love Me
necklace: glow studio key to my heart

Poses: Torrid Stand 2

Hair Fair 2012 Part Three!

Finally getting through all my hairs. I didn’t realize I had bought so many!

Elikatira has some really nice hairs up at the fair. Here are two of them, Balance on the left and Flattery on the right. Elikatira was a little late setting up so a group of um.. rather enthusiastic fans gathered outside her stall painterly waiting for her hairs.

It was all in good fun. Some nice reminiscing about the good ol’ days and ETD. Needless to say the hairs were well worth the wait!

Lamb was another hair we had to wait for.. going up just before the fair opened to everyone. It was also worth the wait. Lamb is one of my favorite hair creators for long hair and I am so happy she’s doing rigged mesh long hairs! I ended up with one more hair than originally planned because of a little mix up when first set up, but it just gave me the opportunity to buy a hair in a color pack I don’t normally get. On the left is Blue Velvet, middle is In Heaven and on the right is Wild At Heart.

Oh my! i did not plan this I swear!
Here are the hairs from Ohmai and she was yet another that I eagerly waited to be set up. All through the day i kept checking back to her stall to see if there was anything yet. Then while I was loitering Elikatira’s stall I happened to cam over and see Ohmai being set up *squeee* lol.. I hopped over there so fast she was not even done. I feel bad I added to the mod in her store staring at her while she was setting up. I couldn’t feel too bad though… that hairs were adorable and I wanted them!
Top left is Ginta and there is another version of it with out the bangs also available for sell. Bottom left was a fun little hair called Stars Collide… a messy bun with glitter dumped all over it! And on the right is Chloe.

Kik had a really cute idea this year. Each of her hairs have a counter part that look the same but slightly different for twins to be able to have the same hair style, but still not look exactly the same. I have on Brigitte I and II here.

Top hair here is Salome from Lelutka. I donno something about this hair called to me. At first I kinda laughed, but then it really grew on me. Maybe because most mornings this is what my RL hair looks like so i felt a connection to it. I would have preferred it in a pink, but Lelutka is one that doesn’t really do non-natural colors. Although i did see her other two hairs at the fair have more fun dyes that just natural, but this one didn’t have any of those colors. Oh well, maybe in future.
Bottom left is Nostalgic from Illusory. It was so adorable and fun I had to get it. I am really loving the dip dyed/ombre type colored hairs these days.
Bottom right is Straw Fedora Clara. This hair to me just screams beach! Perfect for summer. You can change the hat and the band to different colors using a HUD. If you purchase this at Hair Fair there are a few extra limited colors for the hat you will also get.

Finally done! I can’t believe I bought so many hairs… I think I went way over board, I just couldn’t stop.
Hope you have enjoyed seeing my picks.

other credits:
skin: Dutch Tough
eyes: Insufferable Dastard
tattoo and piercings: Pekka
Top and skirt: Tres Blah (July Colaber88)

Hair Fair 2012 Part Two

Back with some more of my many purchases from this year’s hair fair.

Epoque was a new to me brand and i think I am in love now! Well, it was not too hard for them to get my attention. First hair right in the door was Stablizer, a cute little top bun with bangs and they have a lovely pink hair texture. So really love at first sight. I think my love of buns stems from doing years of ballet as a little girl.
Fighter is also at top bun with long swoopy come over bangs type hair I couldn’t pass up. Epoque has a nice selection of non natural and fun dyed hairs so if you are like me and need variety from the usual it’s perfect!

Decoy has a nice selection of hairs out at the fair this year. Oh look another bun
On the left is Bethani. Such a cute hair with the long-ish loose fringe in front and other little loose hairs. Give the whole style a fun and carefree feeling.
Ren, top right, is a nice little side ponytail. It may look a little simple, but looking closer you see the small details that I have come to associate with the Decoy brand. The hairs don’t just simply pull to the side, but there are strands twisted under other ones and it really give the feel of quickly running your fingers through your hair and pulling it to the side. I always like when there are hairs out of order in SL hair… makes it feel more natural.
Bottom right is Aella, which I think is a must have. Just a nice hair to have that can be made to work with many different outfits and situations.

I had no idea that LaViere made hairs! I’m glad I stopped by their stall… such cute styles and lots of fun colors!
Top left is Valere, a very cute short style.
Ambush is on the bottom left. I will be honest with you when I first put on this hair all I could see was the standard Romulan female hair style… haha been watching too much Next Generation I think. But the more I looked at it the style really grew on me and I find it totally adorable!
Freya, on the right, is one of the cutest high side pony tails I have seen! I could not resist it. (Resistance is futile…lol I amuse myself.)
I bought all my Laviere hairs in the color pack so many fun options there!

On the left I have on Mica from Slink. I had no clue they made hair.. looks like I need to get out more often.
To the right is Ging from Analog Dog, which is the first hair from there I have ever liked. The hairs there are great and cute, but I am not a huge fan of hairs made with so much flexi and alpha textures. Ging comes with an optional felxi add on, but I prefer it with out. i think the texturing of the flexi parts and how they stick out from the hair really detract from it.

Wasabi Pills has a really cute and fun hair out called Zoey (left). I have lately been dressing in a bit of a bohemian style and this hair will fit in just perfectly. The beads and the cord both change color by HUD.
Mons is another brand that I had no idea they made hair. I fell in love with Sweet Dreams, a fun and little bit funky bun style. I would have preferred it in pink, but sadly Mons does not offer non natural colors. The brown is still nice though and there is a cute bow!

other credits:
skin: Dutch Tough
eyes: Insufferable Dastard
tattoo and piercings: Pekka
Top and skirt: Tres Blah (July Colaber88)

Hair Fair 2012

So many hairs! Its going to be a long time before I need to buy another hair in SL. Mind you I said “need”… doesn’t mean I wont..hehe.
This is the first installment of my hair fair posts. I figured it’d break them up so they weren’t so long.

Clawtooth has some really cute hairs out this year. I picked up these two, Starlight and Going Steady. I simply adore Starlight! The swoopy bun thing on top reminds me so much of earlier Clawtooth hairs that made me fall in love with the store. Going Steady has a nice loose braid down the back and messy short hair in the front which gives a perfect care free feeling for tons of summer looks.

When I got to the Fashionably Dead stall I pretty much knew before trying on any demos that I would be buying most the hairs she has out, but thought just to be sure I better try the demos anyways. Turns out I was right and no need for demos. On the left is the hair Sunday, which has a counter part hair named Saturday with both sides of the hair in front. I liked them both, but the one side tucked ended up looking better on me.
Top right is Marie which has a cute side rolled bun type dealy with loose strands in front… another hair I could picture wearing with most summer styles or anything really.
Bottom right is Garden. What can I say I am a sucker for wavy locks and headbands.

Alice Project is a new to me store. I was very pleased with the styles and quality of the hairs I will defiantly be checking out her store in the future. I picked up the hairs Hyori and Namie (left to right). Alice project hairs have a rather unique coloring system. You get a blank hair and it comes with a HUD to add on the hair textures in a variety of hair colors and using a second HUD you can also tint the hair to pretty much any color you want. Also offered separately are extra HUDs with special packs of dye jobs for the hair which can be applied to any Alice Project hairs using the system. I was a little confused at first because the ads for the hairs say “No colors included,” but I think now that means the extra color HUDs… never fear there is a HUD with all the basic colors included in the hairs.

Exile has great hair with fun accessories this year. Here I have on Sea of Love (left) which comes with an optional band made of shells and pearls. On the right is Silent Wings and that one comes with feathers that color change by touch.

I can’t wait to start styling with all these hairs!
I shall return with more hairs in a bit, but I suggest you start gathering your virtual pennies now. There are so many great hairs this year we’ll all be crying broke with in the next few days.

other credits:
skin: Dutch Tough
eyes: Insufferable Dastard
tattoo and piercings: Pekka
Top and skirt: Tres Blah (July Colaber88)