Dizzy Buffay

I’ve been watching a lot of old Friends re-run lately and I think that subconsciously influenced my outfit when it was coming together. After I was done all I could think was Phoebe Buffay. It started and just summery things and then all these layers were added. I am usually not too big on accessories, but this outfit seemed to call for them and with each item added it seemed more and more Phoebe to me.

eyes: Insufferable Dastard Gem Eyes
skin: Dutch Touch Eesmee
Freckles: Dutch Touch Moles and Extra Freckles
hair: Lamb Ruby

v-neck: Mon Tissu Park Avenue top
tank: Mon Tissu Lycia Tank
shoes: Toki Doki Casual Sandals
piercings: .Pekka Solitude Piercing
Tattoos: Rezlpsa Sacred heart
necklace: Fashionably Dead Crystal Necklace
rings: Elate Square Stone ring, elate sunny rose ring
bracelette: tres blah viva le bracelets

Poses: Reel Movement