Skin Addiction Skin Showcase ~ New To Me 2

A continuation of some of the new skin makers I found at the Skin Addiction Showcase.

I used to think I was pretty up and up on skins, but I am quickly learning there are a ton out there I had no idea about. Izzie’s is another one that I had never heard of before seeing them at the event. This skin is called Delusional and she has such a cute face. just very clean and fresh looking. My one complaint it that the eyebrows can look a little pixelated up close, but most people aren’t all in your face.

skin: Izzie’s Delusional
eyes: Insufferable Dastard Gem Eyes
eyelashes: Dutch Touch
hair: elikatira Again
pose: [LAP]

The last new to me skin I am going to talk about is Moana from Essences. Again I had never heard of this brand, but was pleasantly surprised with the skin. The face is really cute and the lips are nicely done. My one issue with this skin is the ears look super photo real while the rest of the skin looks less real. But I figure I can just wear hair that covered my ears when I want to wear this skin.

skin: essences Moana
eyes: Insufferable Dastard Gem Eyes
eyelashes: Dutch Touch
hair: elikatira Locked
pose: [LAP]


Skin Addiction Showcase ~ New To Me

Skin Addiction’s Skin Showcase opened today and everyone should head over there and check it out. Lots of skin makers there.. a bunch that I’m sure are new to some people. Here are a few of the new to me skins I found there that caught my eye.

This is Ploom Dahlia. I had no idea Ploom was making skins and thanks to the showcase I now know! This skin is so beautiful! It has great natural tones and some very sexy lips. This may sound a little odd, but one of my favorite parts of the skin are the eyebrows. They are just so beautiful and highly detailed. You can see each little hair it seems.. they are just very well done.

skin: Ploom Lea Dahlia
eyes: Insufferable Dastard Gem Eyes
eyelashes: Dutch Touch
hair: Elikatira Abbey
pose: Le Petite Morte

Another new to me brand is [IREN]. I was pleasantly surprised with this adorable skin. That is what first comes to mind with this skin. It has an adorable nose.. and adorable little mouth. This skin also has great eyebrows with really good detail. I will definitely be checking out [IREN] skins in the future.

Skin: [IREN] Molly
eyes: Insufferable Dastard Gem Eyes
eyelashes: Dutch Touch
hair: Lamb Frosti
pose: Leafy

Summer In Shorts

I have been waiting so long, forever it feels like, for Annette Voight of Decoy to finish her rigged mesh jean shorts and they are finally out! They were well worth the wait. These shorts have one of the best jean textures I have ever seen in SL and Annette’s attention to detail shows in every little bit of these shorts. First off she has a very nice and natural shape to the mesh. A lot of mesh pants I have noticed scrunch up the butt making it stick out and make everyone look like they have junk in the trunk. The Decoy shorts follow a more natural curve that I think is just perfect. With shorts like these I am sure to be living most of the summer months in them.
My top is from ISON, a shop I never knew about until I ran across them at Culture Shock. I kinda wish I had not discovered them because I have a feeling they will now take a lot of my money. I love this draped cropped top! I had a hard time picking a color, I will probably go back for a few others.

eyes: Insufferable Dastard Gem Eyes
skin: Dutch Touch Eemsee
Freckles: Dutch Touch Moles and Extra Freckles
hair: Lamb Ruby

top: ISON Draped Crop Top
shorts: Decoy Caleigh Shorts
shoes: tokidoki gladiator sandals
necklace: Fashionably Dead crystal necklace (past c88)
piercings: .Pekka Solitude Piercing
Tattoos: Pekka Love Me Neck Tattoo

pose: [LAP] prissy

In The Garden

I am so in love with the new dress from Tres Blah this month at Colber88! I think i started off the last post that way too, but this one I love so much more! The detail work on this dress is lovely and I can already think of a ton of ways to wear it! I will warn you, the alpha stops before the *cough* unmentionables so make sure you toss on some undies before heading out if you wear this straight as a dress.
You could also just grab the cute intimates set by Whippet&Buck out at Colaber88 which is conveniently next to the Tres Blah dress. (That’s what I did.)
While at Colber88 I also picked up this cute flower crown thingy from Fashionably dead. I thought it paired well with the light and dreamy feel of the dress. It because even more fitting when I landed a landscaping job and spent the better part of the week landscaping the Skin Addiction Event sim.

I have new skin! I am so in love with it. Leafy has finally put out the Sapphire skin. I think she has an adorable face and the lips are so yummy looking. i don’t know how else to describe them, but they definitely make me want ti kiss them so yummy is what comes to mind. Whenever I wear a leafy skin (which is about 90% of the time) I have a hard time stopping from staring at myself because the skin just looks so awesome!
While we are on the topic of skins make sure to check out the Skin Addiction event starting the 25th of this month. Lots of great skin makers and a great event environment… not that I am biased towards it or anything.

eyes: Insufferable Dastard Gem Eyes
skin: Leafy Sapphire
Freckles: Dutch Touch Moles and Extra Freckles
hair: Lamb Little Queenie

dress: tres blah C88 Daydream Babydoll
shoes: Gos Triumph Boots
Flowers: Fashionably Dead C88 Daydream Flowers
piercings: .Pekka Solitude Piercing
Tattoos: Pekka Love Me Neck Tattoo
Aitui Koi Farm

Poses: Twosome and Doolally