Walk in the Park

Just a simple look today. I really liked the mesh sweater dress that Tres Blah has out at this month’s Colber88. It was really hard to to pick which one to get and if I can scrounge up the money I will most likely get a few more (or all) of the other colors. I paired with with some rolled up jeans because it’s still a little chilly in my area. I love dresses that can also double as just tops though.. makes them so much more useable.
My bag is something I bought years ago and pretty much never used and totally forgot about until i was just looking through my inventory earlier. I don’t know how i forgot about it.. it’s so cute!

Also new on my is my skin! MY UGLYDOROTHY is or was having a sale (I don’t remember what the dates were for the sale) on select skins. I have looking at the skins from there for a while and thinking of getting one and this seemed a perfect chance. I think I ended up buying 4 or 5 skins! I went a little crazy. There were just so many different ones I could see myself using for different looks. And each skin there really has a different feel to it. I suggest going to check them out if you haven’t already, but you probably have.. i am just a little slow to some things. And if you hurry you may still catch the sale going on.

eyes: exodi Zbilja Brown Eyes
skin: My Uglydorothy Serah
Freckles: L. Fauna serious Freckles and
Dutch Touch Moles and Extra Freckles
hair: [e] Again

dress: tres blah Camille (April C88)
pants: Tres blah juju jeans
shoes: Surf Co. Board walkers
glasses: intrigue co. stripped sunglasses (April C88)
bag: Gritty Kitty Hoot bag
piercing: Nomine Horse shoe septum


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