Kyoot just came out with 4 tops inspired by the show Portlandia. Being from Portland I felt obligated to buy them, but they are totally cute so there was no real arm twisting.

I am wearing the “Put a bird on it” top, which happens to be one of my favorite skits from the show. I suggest checking out the tops and the show.
Also new is this cute mesh maxi skirt from Apple May Designs. She has included two versions of the skirt in the pack, one that shows the feet and one that does not, and I am so happy to have the options.
Gosh I have done a bit of shopping lately… I also have on a new hair. I made a trip to the Mesh Madness event that was a huge mistake! Every which way I turned there was something else I wanted to buy. Unfortunately my linden wallet only allowed for a few purchases and this hair from Wasabi Pills made the cut!

eyes: exodi Zbilja Brown Eyes
skin: Leafy Nova Cream Cat
Freckles: L. Fauna serious Freckles and
Dutch Touch Moles and Extra Freckles
hair: Wasabi Pills Ginger

top: Kyoot Portland Tee Bird
skirt: Apple May DesignsFree bird Maxi Skirt
sweater: Tres Blah Boyfriend cardigan
shoes: UBU Lo-tops
glasses: Reek Aeroplane glasses