Not All Mesh Is Created Equal

Not all mesh is created equal is something to remember when shopping for mesh items. Recently I was a little disappointed when buying a mesh top. I did try the demo, but for some reason I was thinking there might be other sizes when I bought the full. Nope. For male there is only one size and for females there is only small and large. I could have really used a medium.. doh!

I still think the top is really cute and have been wearing it, but the large is way to big and makes me look like I am preggers and floats off my shoulders. The small one is a bit too small and I had to really take a lot of meat off my legs. I didn’t think I had fat legs, but this top has given me a bit of a complex. It doesn’t follow with the standard sizing set up by some of the other stores doing mesh so this top is not going to work for every one. Despite adjusting my legs and arms the mesh still cuts through the body in some poses and even some standard standing AO poses. Make sure you really try out the demo before buying.

In other news I am totally in love with the new hair from Lamb! So cute with the bangs twisted and pinned to the side.
I have also been unable to take off the heart sunglasses from Tres Blah out at Colber88 this month. I bought ever color and have worked them into pretty much all outfits I have been wearing lately.

skin: Leafy Nova Cream Cat
eyes: exodi zbilja brown eyes
hair: lamb sweet pea
L. Fauna serious freckles
dutch touch addOns moles and freckles

top: villena Dude Cotton Pullover
pants: Tres Blah juju jeans
shoes: UBU Lo-tops
glasses: Tres Blah c88 Lolita sunglasses