I warn you now this is a RANT blog post.

I just made a trip down to the Colaber88 project for this month and didn’t think I would tp away all annoyed. I mean shopping how can you not be happy shopping right? My problem is I saw this hair and I thought it was really cute. I have gone back to wearing pink hairs and what luck they had a pink one there! Normally this would be a happy thing right? Not this time. I click to buy the pack with the pink hair and it sends my money back, I try again and the same thing. Finally I noticed when it sent the money back it said I had the wrong group tag on. Oh okay.. so I switched to the Colber88 group cause silly me, I thought because this was AT COLBER88 THAT IT WOULD REQUIRE THAT TAG. No. To buy this hair in the color I want I have to join the STORE GROUP, which Vive 9 just happens to be a group that charges to join. That’s fine.. I don’t really care stores can charge for you to join their groups (i tend to not join those.. I don’t have that kind of money) and they can even have special things just for the group.. I am cool with that. What I am not cool with it having that special store group (that you had to pay to get into) item be at a monthly thing like Colber88. And if you are going to make and item that requires a group tag it should be for the monthly event…. especially since the items are not even at the store but all gathered in the event venue.

The store is already being advertized by just being in the event, they don’t need the added scheme of forcing you to join their group just to get an item at an event. I have shopped Vive 9 outside of events like this and paid their full price for things. I was a customer. Most likely not now. This has annoyed me so greatly I’ll not shop there again.

Another aspect of this that has me all bothered is the price. Colaber88 started off with pretty much everything set at 88L, though this month I noticed some of those prices went up. All the Vive 9 hairs were priced at 188L and the only one set at the typical Colber88 price of 88L was the one you have to have Vive 9 pay for group tag… I call BULLSHIT! Again I don’t care if a store has you pay for their group, has special items for group only and has special prices for the group only… but NOT when they join a monthly event like this! [/rant]