Still Winter

Bleh.. it’s still Winter time, which for me means cold and rain.. I don’t even get any of that pretty snow stuff to make the cold worth while. Helping to make it through this cold and gray time of year is all the great shopping to be done in SL!
New out from BOOM is this totally cute knit mini dress. Great to wear on its own and start dreaming to Spring or add it to some layers for an adorable winter wear look. I just love the little sculpted pockets in front! Also new from BOOM are the Folded Wool Socks which match wonderfully with the mini dresses.

I am also using this post to apologize to all the pose makers whose poses I use in my blog… I have been forgetting to credit you guys and I am so sorry! So also starting with this post I will now be adding credits for the poses used in each post.

eyes: Exodi Zbilja Brown Eyes
ears: illusory Elven Ears c1
skin: illusory Paige Stained A3
freckles: L. Fauna Extra Freckles
hair: [elikatira] Later

under shirt: Friday Thermal Henley
dress: BOOM Argyle Mini Dress
leggings: ohmai Basic Sheer Leggings
sock: BOOM Folded Wool Socks
mittens: Cat’s Eye Red Mittens
shoes: UBU Pornstar Lo-Tops
scarf: Artilleri Taylor Scarf

pose: [LAP] Just around


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