Sweatery Goodness

For the past two or three years (I have lost count now) I have gotten awesome winter themed sweaters from Artilleri, was so happy that this year i was able to continue the tradition. There are two new winter sweaters out this year, including the one from last year brought back for the holiday. To day’s sweater is the December Sweater and it comes in a bunch of colors.. was very hard to pick just one and had I the money i would have bought them all! My scarf and ear muffs are also from Artilleri. I got them from 50L Fridays last year if I remember right, but I saw they full versions were set out for sell again this year and again and a bunch of different color choices.

Also new is my skin from Dutch Touch. She has out three new skins and all are lovely. Done a little differently than usual these skins you buy the basic skin and then separate makes to wear on tattoo layers. I tend only ever buy the basic skins anyways that this works out nice for me and now if I want to add in make-up it will be a lot less than buying a totally new skin.

eyes: Exodi Zbilji Brown Eyes
skin: Dutch Touch fAy, Olive Basic (Group Special Skin)
hair: [e] Details, brown 09

sweater: Artilleri December Sweater, red
skirt: 5th&Oxford Jori Skirt, twig
leggings: Niniko Nordic Pants, red
scarf: Artilleri Taylor Scarf Stripes, red/aqua
earmuffs: Artilleri Knit Earmuffs, red
boots: Reek Autumn Boots, sand


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