Week 4 of 52 Weeks Of Color Challenge the color is plum.

I thought this weeks challenge would be easy seeing as purple (and most all its hues) is my favorite color, but I found every outfit I put together I have either blogged already something very similar or the clothes were really dated. Or when i went looking for a certain piece of clothing that I knew had been made in purple I found that I had bought it in another color! I remember thinking a while ago that I buy too much purple because it’s my favorite color, so I forced myself to buy in other colors and not even get the purple option… sad. So this weeks outfit is a bit simple and slightly off color as i don’t have too many things in the actual hue of plum, but i didn’t have the funds to just run out and buy new things. (*grumbles* thank you 111 for breaking the bank)

eyes: Tres Blah Jejune Baby Blue eyes
ears: Atomic Mystic Elven Ears
skin: Tuli Claire
freckles: L. Fauna Extra Freckles
hair: Clawtooth Beg Your Pardon

sweater: Artilleri Sally Sweater
pants: Decoy Genesis 10
scarf: Miel Lia Scarf plaid
boots: Reek Autumn Boots



Week 3 of 52 Weeks Of Color Challenge is goldenrod.

BOOM to the rescue on this weeks color. I really don’t have much in the tone of goldenrod, and not a huge fan of yellows and oranges, but along came BOOM and their new thermal tees. BOOM usually puts out their items in a wide variety of colors, but now that are also adding in colors to cater to the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge.
So for this week i actually now have something in the goldenrod color, but I also look cute and warm while wearing it.
Also new is my hair from [elikatira]. I will never be able to put into words exactly how pleased I am that Elikapeka Tiramisu has opened another shop again. ETD used to be my favorite hair shop everything was from there. Not to mention some cute clothes and shoes too, and being able to go to her new shop and shop for hairs is just awesome! So many of my staple stores when I was a young avatar are gone now it’s nice to see one make a come back.

eyes: Exodi Zbilja Eyes
ears: Atomic Mystic Elven Ears
skin: Tres Blah Jejune, rose
freckles: L. Fauna Extra Freckles
hair: [e] Blind

top: BOOM +4 Warmth Thermal (<<– isn't that the cutest product name ever!)
pants: Surf Co. Hot Coco Stain Jeans
shoes: Surf Co. Parker Knit Boots, light brown
glasses: Reek Augie Glasses


Week two of the 52 Weeks Of Color Challenge and the color is blue.

eyes:Tres Blah Jejune Baby Blue Eyes
ears: Atomic Mystic Elven Ears
skin: Tres Blah Jejune Rose
freckles: L. Fauna Extra Freckles
hair: Lamb DIY Haircut ink

under shirt: Friday Long Sleeve Layering Tee, gray
shirt: Friday Thermal Henley. navy
skirt: Artilleri Zara Skirt, blue
socks: Mimikri Ajour Tights, black
boots: Reek Autumn Boots, baby blue
glasses: Reek Augie Glasses
scarf and gloves: Reek Cozy Mittens and Scarf Snowflake Blue (Down The Chimney Hunt 2009)


Accepting Luna Jubilee‘s blogger challenge 52 Weeks Of Color. It sounds interesting and fun so i thought why not. The first week’s color is gray.

eyes: Exodi Zbilja Eyes
ears: Atomic Mystic Elven Ears
skin: Tres Blah Jejune Rose
freckles: L. Fauna Extra Freckles
hair: [e] Vivid

tank: Surf Co. Hermana Tank, black
sweater: Surf Co. Artist Cardigan
pants: Maitreya Skinny Jeans #03
shoes: Friday Basic Flats, red
glasses: Reek Augie Glasses

Roses n’ Bows

Taking a break from all the winter wear… today I am wearing this adorable dress from BOOM. Tons of wonderfully sculpted roses give a hopeful glimpse at what’s waiting just on the other side of Winter weather.
I paired it with a pair of black “Fit to be Tied” Gloves new from La Petite Morte. They come in a variety of colors and of course each has a cute over sized bow at the wrist.
Also new is my skin from Tres Blah called Honey Bunny.

eyes: Exodi Zbilja Eyes
ears: The Plastik Elven Ears
skin: Tres Blah Honey Bunny
hair: booN QPT129

dress: BOOM Somnium Dress
gloves: La Petite Morte Fit to be Tied Gloves
shoes: G-Field Short Lace Up Boots