Officially Hair Faired Out!

Went back for my last trip to the Hair Fair and picked up the last of the hairs that had caught my eye before.

This hair is Sam from Berries Inc. and I thought it was very cute and could see it paired with a bunch of Fall and Winter outfits.

This one is Elsa from Kin… I did mod the color a little bit because the brown was not brown enough for me, but other than that I liked this hair with its swept to the side + hair knot look.

Uriel and Gabriel from !Ohmai are just adorable. On Uriel there are two sets of buttons and the head band that change colors and patterns and on Gabriel the the scarf has a bunch of patterns to change it to.

*phew* Okay I am all done fighting the lag at Hair Fair and my wallet is hurting a bit now.

Other credits:
skin: Pink Fuel
eyes: Exodi
ears: Atomic
lashes: Redgrave
piercings: Nomine and Punk Store Moller


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