Hair Fair 2010

Here I am with the first of my purchases from Hair Fair 2010. With the addition of the Hair Demo group this year it made a lot of my shopping so much easier because I could check out most shops’ demos at home and lag free and not have to worry about making trips back to sims for demos and then to buy the hair I wanted. The group was a great idea and I hope they do continue with the idea for next year as well.. the only thing I would change is opening the group up earlier for creators to send the demos over like a weeks time. It was a bit of an overload to get them all on one day.

Sasha from I love the headband with the bow on this hair. It’s so wonderfully made and textured that even though i have similar hairs I still had to have this one.

Fiona from The side hair knot on this one was so cute i could not resist.

French Connection from Clawtooth. Love the waviness of this hair and the beret.. I can see it with some many outfits already!

129 from BooN. This hair had some many awesome things going on I had to have it.


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