Last Days of Summer

Summer is quickly coming to an end here where I am. The rains have already started to take up two and three day blocks of gloominess. Temperatures are already going down and the whirl of air conditioners are starting to quiet down in my apartment complex so I find I am trying to hold onto summer for as long as I can in SL.
The new Surf Polos at BOOM are perfect for a still-summer-but-more-covered look. I am wearing the doll pink one and have paired it with an aqua tank top under because I am a bit of a prude in SL, but it also adds a bit more color and I am always for more color. The polo features a sculpted collar and sculpted waist area which I love. It sits just right with the body and looks very realistic to me at least. The whole shirt is very well textured and likes up wonderfully with the added on sculpted parts.
My shorts are new to me.. I just picked them up at Maitreya during the sale. I am so kicking myself for not remembering earlier that she had these awesome shorts with sculpted rolled hems. They would have been great for so many summer looks. Yeah I have other shorts similar that I like as well, but these have one thing the others don’t… they actually cover the ass!! It’s so frustrating in SL to find pants that actually cover the ass… I can finally wear the shorter tops with them and not be too self conscious about my other cleavage. And as you can see they are still low enough to be sexy… please designers make more pants that cover the ass crack, I am begging you!

eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, brown
ears:Atomic Mystic Elven ears
skin:Dutch Touch Xaya Olive, basic
hair:Truth Roxana Streaked, treacle

Shirt:BOOM Surf Polo, doll pink
tank:Surf Couture Hermana Tank, aqua (modded to be shorter than polo top)
shorts:Maitreya Jean Shorts, regular
shoes:Surf Couture Boardwalkers, hemp


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