LOTD 9/1/10

This is a terribly late blog post. I have been waiting a week.. a WEEK for this top to rez and be rezzed at the same time as my skin. SL has not been very kind to me at all lately. Finally tonight they came together just long enough to snap off some pictures.. shortly after they skin went fuzzy again and has not come back.
I have on a new skin from Dutch Touch. It’s not really really new (I had to wait till i had money to buy it and then with all the rezzing issues), but it is one of the newer ones she’s put out. I think it’s a really cute face and I am glad to see her making more skins with fuller cheeks and I just love the smattering of freckles (which I covered with glasses in the picture *doh*). I think because I have rather think eyebrows in real life (thanks to my Italian, Greek and Mexican genes) I am partial to thicker eyebrows in SL and this skin has them. There is an option for winged eyebrows as well.
Then we have the sweatshirt that I waited a week to rez! It was last weeks 50L Friday from Reek and I thought it was kind awesome. I ended up getting both the blue and the pink. The glasses are also pretty new from Reek as well. They are similar shape to the Park Shades, but a little skinnier and more rectangular so they work better for clear glasses.. I think, but of course they also have a few opacity options for the lenses so they could also be worn and sunglasses. And as usual there are a lot of colors to choose from for the frames.. I just went with classic black.
My hair is again new-ish… Hey i have been waiting a long time for things to actually rez so i could take pictures! Anyway, It’s from Truth and if you hurry he’s having a major sale on hair until September 3rd. I can’t tell if it has or not, but the treacle hair tone from Truth seems lighter to me than it used to.. has anyone else noticed that or am I just crazy? I loved how dark it was before… it was one of the only really dark, but still brown hair colors I could find and that is the color I like wearing, but in a lot of the recent hairs it seems way lighter to me.

eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, brown
ears:Atomic Mystic Elven ears
skin:Dutch Touch Xaya Olive, basic
hair:Truth Saffron streaked treacle

sweatshirt:Reek Daily Hoodie, pink (FLF)
shorts:Decoy Stevens Shorts, white
shoes:2Real Pure Shoes
glasses:Reek Augie Glasses


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