LOTD 8/22/10

Just a simple outfit on today with the Paige Stripped Skirt that was out for 50L last week at Whippet & Buck and a simple capped sleeve v-neck from Fri.day. The shoes are new from Surf Co. and are out right now only at the Shoe Fair.. which I believe today is the last day of.
My hair is also new.. well to me.. not sure how long it’s been at the store. It’s from Fri.day and I adore its contained messiness. The way it’s pinned up on the sides is very natural and realistic.. along with the ends on the back. I get so annoyed at hairs that just chopped the hair off all even in back… looks unnatural.

eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, brown
skin:Tres Blah Jejune Rose Light
hair:fri.day Hailey, cranky brown

top:fri.day V-neck Cap sleeve Tee, yellow
skirt:Whippet & Buck Paige Stripped Skirt (FLF)
shoes:Surf Couture Knotted Wedges, navy


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