Steampunk II

I am back today with another Steampunk outfit. Although I am very sorry to say the corset and skirt are no longer available. They are from Twosome and were part of the Designers United 3 project, but they are so beautifully made I love wearing them. I have new boots that I am totally in love with and they are the reason i had to put together another Victorian/ Steampunk outfit. They are the Short Lace-up boots from G-field that are currently out at the shoe fair and they are yummy. I would die for some boots like this in real life. Very well textured and detailed. They come in tons of colors (*cough* I couldn’t resist… I got the fat pack) and also have options for alpha skin coverings of the foot if you are using viewer 2 or another compatible viewer.
Also new is my skin… yeah I have been a little bad lately. It’s the new JeJune skin from Tres Blah out now. If you like the more hand drawn skins than this is the skin for you… even if not this is a beautiful skin and I think everyone should check it out, because i have yet to see it not look good on any one. With each skin you get a few eyebrow options in a couple colors. There is also a freckle layer that uses the viewer 2 tattoo layer.
For accessories I have on a pair of bifocals I bought ages ago and sadly I cannot find the store any more and it’s no longer listed on the creator’s profile. My darling locket is from Yummy… it’s not necessarily Victorian, but I like it and thought it fit well enough.

eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, brown
skin:Tres Blah JeJune light rose
hair:booN XFE275 hair, chocolate (moded)

blouse:Twosome A Lady’s Blouse, white
corset, skirt:Twosome Part of Dancer by Day outfit (DU3 exclusive)
stockings:LeLutka Leggings, gray scale 3
shoes:G-field Short Lace-up boots, brown
hat:Gritty Kitty October Hat
necklace:Yummy Secret Garden Locket
glasses:[S-P] Magnifocal Bifocal (store gone?)
cuffs:Draconic Kiss Revers a Lacet, white (moded)


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