California Girls

My post today has a soundtrack! The temperature is finally starting to feel like summer here and with me about to take a two week trip back home to California this song has been going on non-stop in my head. So of course it also influenced a new summer outfit.
This video brings back memories of my childhood… I remember when it first aired on MTV. For most of my childhood years I lived in probably a very stereo typical Cali setting. Close to the beach.. only a few blocks. School was so close we had monthly trips to the beach just for a fun day. My oldest brother was even a surfer! Ahhhh.. I miss those days.

The swim suit is a past 50L Friday item from Reek, but they are still at the store for normal sell though the bikini and the board shorts are sold separately I believe. The glasses are also from Reek. I used to have a pair in the same style back when I was a kid so I thought these were fun. There are a bunch of color options for both the frame pieces and the lenses so don’t be surprised if they show up in quite a few of my summer outfits.

I always have felt a little odd walking around in just a bathing suit so that carried over to SL and needed something to cover up a bit more. Though this tank from BOOM is not covering much more that the bikini I though was cute with it’s side knot details. It also comes in a more sheer version.

The hair is new out from Truth. I think he’s doing an awesome job with his new streaking technique. Looks so much more natural than other streaked hairs I have seen…. well as natural as chemically processed hair can look. There are two sets of strands to streak and each set’s color changes individually for multi-layers of streaking.

eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, brown
ears:Atomic Mystic Elven Ears
skin:[PF] Ember Chai, pure
hair:Truth Enix Streaked, mocha

bikini top:Reek Province Bikini, floral brown
swim shorts:Reek Sovay Board shorts, brown/blue
tank top:BOOM Bodacious, dandelion
shoes:Surf Couture Desert Sandals, original (past 50L friday) (modded)
glasses:Reek Park Shades


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