YAY! Summer!

I went a last week to Surf Couture to pick up the 50L Friday sandals they had out and totally unexpectedly spent half my money! Two the the pieces I picked up are this cute tank top with a frill off the front and this adorable striped skirt. They are great items to have for any summer outfit and come in a ton of color options. Also new today is my skin. It’s part of the new line out from Pink Fuel and it’s gorgeous! I am so in love with it. As with the last skin line from Pink Fuel i am in love with the lips the most… they are very yummy lips. It’s very high detail and because it’s more of a painterly skin you don’t get that weird pixelation that can happen in some skins that use too much photo sourcing. There are a bunch of different make-ups to choose from it was hard to pick just one. Here I am wearing just the pure make-up in chai skin tone. I only had enough money for one skin, but I plan on going back for a few different make-ups as soon as I have the money.

eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, brown
ears:Atomic Mystic Elven Ears, stud
skin:[PF] Ember Chai, pure
hair:Exile Deanna, dark browns

tank top:Surf Couture Hermana Tank, faded rose
skirt:Surf Couture Summer of Stripes Skirt, brown
shoes:Surf Couture Desert Sandals, original (50L Friday)
glasses:=RL= (@DP YumYum)


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