Little Bit Steampunk

When I first got the flower hair (from the last post) I loved it the way it was, but i also saw how awesome it would look for my Steampunk look if I were to rip off the flower! It’s so hard to find hairs that will work with hats when they have not been made with the hat, but this hair had a mass I would be taking off right where i wanted the hat.. thus leaving a bald spot and making it perfect to plop a hat on.

The hat is from Gritty Kitty and was once part of the Thursday hair which I have had for ages and been using for all my Steampunk looks. I had ripped the hat off the hair so i could use it separately only to realize later that they also sold the hat by itself… oh well. It’s a bit modded here to make the blue a bit darker. It’s a great hat and i would recommend picking it up. There are three sets of feathers and they each change colors and the hat and the band also change color and it’s easy to mod if you are unable to find that perfect color for your outfit.

Another must I would suggest to anyone wanting to put together a Steampunk or Victorian look would be the Imogene Ankle Boots from L&E. They are beautifully made and are the best replica of a Victorian boot I have seen on the grid. They also come in a multitude of colors to choose from and offer a few color options for the heel and the buttons.

The dress is from Bare Rose. I have about three or four Victorian/Steampunk style dresses from B@R that I love. The quality is wonderful, they always include a few color options and the price is amazing!

eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, brown
ears:Atomic Mystic Eleven Ears, stud
skin:Tres Blah Hiccup Swoon (was DU3 exclusive)
hair:booN XFE275, chocolate (modded)

dress:B@R Steam Rocket Ride
hat:Gritty Kitty October Hat
shoes:L&E Imogene Ankle Boots


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