Look of the Day 2/11/10

Just a simple outfit today and all from Fri.day. I was just wandering around last night and thought to see if they had anything new from when i was there last and what luck there were new things. These cute drapped back sweaters were one new item and of course I had to buy one. My black skinny jeans and aqua flats are also from Fri.day but I got them while ago.
One of the next places I went on my late night (*cough*very early morning*cough*) wandering was Maitreya. I had seen a hair on a friend I wanted to check out. Well, the hair I went for didn’t look so great on me, but I found this other cute hair that I loved. There are two length options you can buy, longer or shorter.. i have the shorter of the two. I just love the back of this hair. It looks so natural with the ends all uneven and the little whispy fly away strands.

eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, brown
ears:Atomic Mystic Eleven Ears, stud
skin:Dutch Touch Sjors Olvie, snow
hair:Maitreya Alex II, bistre

top:fri.day Drapped Back Sweater, pink
pants:fri.day lunno jeans skinny, black
shoes:fri.day Basic Flats, aqua


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