Antique Pink

I simply adore the new Antique dress from Oyakin. It comes in eight colors and I had such a hard time choosing only one as I didn’t have enough money for the fat pack. The dress comes with a few different options for wearing it too.. with and without lace being one option. I have paired it with some knit leggings I got ages ago from Mimikri, but never wore and then promptly forgot about… that seems to be my habit. I have new boots from Kookie. They come in brown, black and white and have option to wear with or with out the legwarmers. They have great detail and beautiful textures. I thought their laced-upness would work perfectly with the vintage look I was going for. Added brown arm warmers from Friday as I have said in other posts I am a bit addicted to armwarmers and may wear them too much.
Also new this time is my skin! It’s the Sjors skin from Dutch Touch and I am in love. It’s just beautiful.. I can’t stop looking at myself in it. The base of the skin has detail and a hint of pores with out being pixely like so many skins can look and I feel it makes my avatar look more like a person and not a pixel imitation of a person. The lips are not overly plumped as so many skins do and the eyebrows are wonderful. There are light and dark eyebrow options and it’s really easy to make the eyebrows thicker. I will admit I am a bit biased when I can make my avatar have thicker eyebrows. being Italian, French, Greek and Mexican in RL I naturally have thicker eyebrows and I am so happy now my avatar can more reflect that look. Along with the eyebrow options there are a few other options like freckles, hair bases (I am not a fan, but some are) and cleavage.

eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, brown
ears:Plastik Animalistic Elven ears-burdies
skin:Dutch Touch Sjors Snow Olive Nicole 2, cranky brown

dress:Oyakin Antique-onp, babypink
tights:Mimikri Ajour leggings & tights, brown
arm Armwarmers, brown
shoes:Kookie Armarda boots, dark chocolate


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