Look of the Day 2/3/10

Just a simple outfit to day. I have on a gray top from Pig that was part of last week’s Stumblebum. My dotted Belmar skinny jeans from Surf Couture and the Autumn boots from Reek. My hair today is from Lamb and was also in last week’s Stumblebum.
I do have on a new skin today from Pink Fuel. It was only 50L as it’s part of a 50L Valentine’s Day special event sale… will get an LM for that up in a bit. She has out 3 different skins each for only 50L. The one I have on is Pink Sugar and it comes in the milk skin tone and had a flushed and non-flushed version.

eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, green
ears:Atomic Mystiv Elven Ears stud
skin:[PF] Milk Pink Sugar Flushed (V-day 50L)
hair:Lamb Say, twix, highlighty (Stumblebum)

under shirt:fri.day Ballet Sweater, ash
top:Pig Softies for Stumblebum
pants:Surf Couture Belmar Skinny jeans
shoes:Reek Autumn Boots, pink


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