New Skin at La Petite Morte

Just out last night at La petite Morte is this really cute skin for only $100L! I adore this skin with it’s doll-like rosey cheeks and little white polka dots. Another plus for me was the nice and dark eyebrows. The lips were not overly plumped like some skins can be and the nose was nicely shadowed and high lighted so it didn’t make my form nose look odd. It comes in three tones… pale, light and sunkissed.
For my outfit I have pulled some things out of my inventory that I have not wore in quite some time. The is from Church of Lux and I loved it so much I bought it in a few colors back when I found it. The texture is really high quality and has these cute little bows on the shoulders Which I thought went well with the new doll like skin from La Petite Morte. My armwarmers today are from Untone Quilt and i tried to find the store earlier and sad to say i could not find it anywhere. I hope it’s just my searching skills that suck and not that the store is no more… they had some really cute items. Either way I love these armwarmers because they have cute little crocheted flowers on them. I have them both in pink and the gray I am wearing today. The tights i got from the ANEXX nordic knit boots I bought. I couldn’t see if the tights were sold alone, but the boots they came with are well worth it anyways. My boots are from TOSL and I am sad I had forgotten about them, when I got them I loved them so much. I guess these are the true signs that I have a serious shopping

eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, hazel
ears:Plastik Animalistic Elven ears-burdies
skin:La Petite Morte Bernice, light, Raggedy-Ann. Tatum, cranky brown

dress:Church of Lux Gretchen, pink
armwarmers:Untone Quilt handwarmer, gray (can’t find the store again)
tights:ANEXX Knit leggings dark brown boarder (came with ANEXX legwarmer+flats)
shoes:TOSL Sweater Wellies, charcoal


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