I Like Pruple

I’ve only got one new item on today, the rest I already owned… trying my best to cut a bit on the spending. The one new item is my cropped sweater. It’s from Nyte n’ Day a store i used to love and buy tons for back in the day, but I had not been there in I’d say about two years! While looking through my inventory at things i bought and had never worn yet I came across some Nyte n’ Day items and it got me to wondering if they were still around and if they had anything new so I popped over there. They did have some really cute new things… this cropped sweater being one of them I don’t know exactly how new to the store it was, but it was new since the last time I had been there.
for my undershirt I have on a dollarbie tank top from Twosome. This shirt has a feature that I wish a lot more creators would do. Because the sweater had to go on the jacket layer any top I wore under would cut off at mid tummy which most the time they don’t look very finished when they do that. So then you have to wear the underwear layer for the shirt so it continues down, but they all seem to make the shirt tuck into the pants. And that is okay some of the time, but i don’t want to always have it look like my shirt is tucked into the pants. This shirt had it’s continued underwear layer designed to look like it stopped above the pants with a finished edge and all. I soo wish more creators would do this.. maybe as one wear option for the underwear layer of the top. I liked this top, but it was chosen to be wore specifically because it was the ONLY I had in my huge inventory that did this with the bottom. A lot of tops will look like this normally, but only if they are on the jacket layer, but you can’t always put a shirt on the jacket layer. Just saying.. this could be a nice selling point for some items of clothing.. *hint hint* you clothing creators.
My pants are from a store I had never been to, but a friend tped me to a couple months ago and I got these pants. I wore them once and soon after taking them off totally forgot the name and have not been able to remember the name till i asked that friend where it was she brought me. These pants are great.. nice texture detail and loved the colors.. I bought the fat pack and now that I have found them i think they will be in the next few posts..lol.
Also semi new are my boots. I bought them a moth or more ago and I love them soo! They too are from a store I used to frequent back in the day, but had not been back to in ages. When I started Naughty was the place to get great quality things… skins, clothes, hair… they had it all, but then (at least it seemed to me) they kinda just stopped making things one day. A few months back I was in a shop and saw a girl with these lovely brown fringe boots on.. I am such a sucker for boots.. I inspected them and it said they were by Naughty. I thought I had read wrong, but I rushed over there and oh happy day I found the boots. Along with a couple other cute pairs of pants and a top of too.
I’m gonna have to start revisiting all my old haunts now and see what great new goodies they all have… oh great there goes my new years resolution to cut the spending and look with in my own inventory.

eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, brown
ears:Atomic Mystic Elven Ears stud
skin:Curio GP Sundust Frex [light] June2-geranium1
hair:Truth Stacie treacle

sweater:Nyte n’ Day Division Sweater, black
top:Twosome Beautyberry Retro Top
pants:Primitive Design Payton Pants, purple
boots:Naughty Moccasins calf high, black


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