Little Glam, Little Punk and Everything Between!

Here I am again with another older outfit that I have revamped for the new year. The only things that stayed from the old outfit are the shoes, socks and tutu the rest has all been changed. Also everything other than the hair is something I already owned. Usually when putting together a new outfit I will ignore my vast inventory and go look for that one new piece it needs, but not this time. The hair was out at lamb this last Friday for 50L Friday and I normally don’t do blond hair, but the money was going to a good cause and I thought what the heck! For some reason the hair with the hat made me think 80’s pop.. like a Madonna video back in the Lucky Star days. This may be partly because I was listening to older Bowie at the time, like Let’s Dance. I have also been dying to wear this necklace i bought ages ago and this seemed to be chaping up to be the perfect outfit for it.

eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, blue
ears:Illusions punky ears, naturals (moded)
skin:Curio GP Sundust Frex [light] June2-Raccoon2
hair:Lamb Stargaze, pale

tank top:Surf Couture Driftwood tank, plumb
bra:Doux CoutureRAWRR [Eski-Hoe] plain bra (Down the Chimney Hunt)
tutu:Action Tutu, black
socks:Action Craze Sox style 06 Armwarmers, black
shoes:UBU Pornstar Hi-tops
necklace:NSD Rock n’ Roll Necklace Chain
lip piercing:Punk Store Moller lips 002
nose piercing:Nomine Horseshoe Septum


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