Epic Fail = Total Win!

Epic Fail from Atomic… no I’m not being mean.. they have come out with this Stumblebum Exclusive Epic Fail shirt and I freaking love it! It even got my boyfriend to comment and say it was a win and he’s soo not into fashion nor my shopping habit. Another new purchase this blog is my hair. It’s new out from Truth and is so cute. It has a bunch of hair clips and the great part is they change color separately so you can really make colorful hair!
Also on this time I have the UBU lo-top pornstar sneakers. I love these as well because they have a texture option that looks like a pair of shoes I have in real life. Lots of texture options for these shoes, and there is a laces or no laces option.. on top of that the detail is just awesome!

eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, brown
ears:Atomic Mystic Elven Ears stud
skin:Curio GP Sundust Frex [light] June2-pure3
hair:Truth Partice treacle

top:Atomic Epic Fail tee (Stumblebum exclusive)
pants:Shit Luck low cut jeans, black (checked today and the store is re-branded Luck inc. and the pants are still there.)
shoes:UBU porn stars lo-tops
armwarmers:fri.day Armwarmers, red
glasses:Primoptics Sofia glasses
lip piercings:Punk Store Moller lips 002
nose piercing:Nomine horse shoe septum


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