Ballerina.. yo!

I am a sucker for tutus! Donno what it is, maybe old memories come back of being a kid and in ballet class. Maybe it’s the super girlie part of me that likes all the frilly fluffiness.. either way there is a great new tutu out at Nylon outfitters.
Also new on me are my ears. They are the new ears from Atomic and they look great. They come in two ear types, long and not long, and each has three styles. I was a little upset i could not find a demo… I thought maybe I just hadn’t rezzed it, but i waited for ages and still didn’t spy a demo. I hope there is and i just didn’t see it… cause no demos = really bad. I bought these anyways and took a chance, but i would like to see what the smaller ears look like on me before i buy them. The ears look great and is was pretty easy to get it to match my skin and there are a few options for the piercing metals along with options for having all the piercings on or only part of them, or none at all which i really like. The only other thing that sorta suck is the HUD.. it’s HUGE takes up most the screen so when you are trying to adjust the color you have to do some fancy camera moves in order to even see the ears under the HUD.
My boots are sorta new.. i bought them a while ago and totally forgot about them and just haven’t worn them.. man i have to stop doing that. I probably could stop shopping all together for a long while and just go browsing through my inventory for new crap i bought and never*sighs* but I continue to shop.

eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, brown
ears:Atomic Mystic Elven Ears Stud
skin:Tres Blah Hiccup Lavender Lippie (stumblebum) Melanie2, cranky brown

top:Surf Couture Rendezvous V-Neck, beige
hoodie:Atomic Everyday Hoodie, pink
pants:Surf Couture Belmar Skinny Jeans, original dark
tutu:Nylon Outfitters Inner Ballerina
boots:DP Yumyum Classic belt Shoes, dark gray


4 thoughts on “Ballerina.. yo!

  1. I don’t work in SL.. I used to have a furniture/ shape shop but I lost my land over a year ago, and it never made me much money.. if any anyway.

    I used to work as a hostess at the rezzable club Crimson… that made me a little money, but due to rl job I had to quit cause my RL work schedule was too unpredictable.

    Nowadays I just save up money and buy $L…. Sorry not sure of places hiring as I don’t pay attention to that any more.

  2. hey! got your message from SL 🙂 sorry..i wasn’t online. my charger to my laptop died *cries* so I have to wait a few days until my new one gets here next week. This would happen to me on a Sunday, and tomorrow is a holiday. *sigh*

    yeah, i’m thinking about saving up for L$ as well. It beats working on there..I still don’t understand how that works. lol.

    my poor avatar needs clothes..terribly!

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