Then and Now

Blogger Challenge to show what you looked like when you started SL and how you look now. This was kinda fun! And really made me think i need to do some serious inventory cleaning because i still had all those things from when i first started back in August of 2006.
The 2006 picture is the very first skin i bought, It was quite expensive (at least double what good quality skins cost even now), the very first outfit i ever bought, was only $100L, some funky boots I got somewhere for $300L and my free choice noob hair from Gurl6. Towards the end of 2007 I got a bit better clothes.. though still rather revealing as most things i found back then seemed to be and i also started wearing Neko ears and tail in late 2006. I unfortunately never saves the different phases of my shape, but i recreated this one as best i remembered how it look. When i first started SL i was a bit more full figured, but then met a friend that though they were the very word in how fashion and shapes should look and pretty much made me adjust my shape to what they thought was appealing. Towards the end of 2006 I was no longer close friends with them and started a year of tweaking of my shape till i was once more happy with it.
Near the end of 2007 i had major drama in my SL life and I needed a change a change from the Neko as it reminded me of some things and that’s when i first donned faerie ears. I wore them off and on for a whole and then finally in the beginning of 2008 they went on permanently.
Crazy to think I have been in this world for 3 and a half years already.


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