Staying Warm with Layers and a Sweater

Hello again! Still feeling cool in the wintery months so I am back to dressing warmer in SL. To day I have layered a few shirts under a great knit hoodie cardigan. Paired that with my favorite pants of the moment from Surf Couture and also the Elsa boot from Surf Couture. This pair I got a few 50L fridays ago, but was at the store tonight and see they have it one sale at normal price now so you can still get it. Otherwise the boots usually have a plain color knit top part which is scripted with a bunch of color options to change it up.
This whole outfit was put together so i would have a chance to wear the hair I have on. It’s from CBC and is called Love Cuddles and was a Stumblebum Exclusive a few weeks ago. I was unsure about the hair when i got it, ut I really have no clue why I was… now that I have it on I LOVE it!

eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, brown
ears:Plastik Animalistic Elven ears-burdies
skin:Tres Blah Hiccup light, Swoon (DU 3 exclusive)
hair:CBC Love Cuddles, classic brunette (past Stumblebum exclusive)

under shirt:DP Yumyum Simple Long Sleeve T, mocha Long Sleeve Layering Tee, brown
sweater:+KiiTos!!+ Lentotahi +long knit gown, gray
pants:Surf Couture Hot Cocoa stained jeans, dark gray
boots:Surf Couture Elsa Boots, stjordal


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