As the title says I am not Dizzy… well I am I just don’t look very Dizzy at the moment. The other day I got a note card for Designers United…. I had never heard of it before so I know I didn’t join a group for notices. Thankfully one of the groups I *am* in was in on this times theme (vaudeville) and I was notified otherwise I would have missed out on a lot of really awesome things!
The first thing I found and fell in love with was this new skin from Tres Blah and it’s also the reason why I am not Dizzy right now. The skin is beautiful.. just look at that cute little nose, the luscious lips and uniquely different thick eyebrows, but it didn’t look the way I would have hoped on my real shape. So I set out to make a new shape that would show off the skin, well in the way I wanted it to that is. Anyway.. back to the skin. There are some really neat features to the skin, like 3 different eyebrow styles that each come in two different shades also the skin has freckled and non freckled versions. It’s so adorable I donno when i will change back to normal Dizzy and it has opened my eyes to a new skin maker… oh great like I really needed to have another skin maker taking all my monies… kekek. I have on one of my most favorite Lamb hairs, Poppyseed, and beings I was not myself I thought to switch things up a bit and have it on in a much lighter shade, but I think it works.
For my outfit I have strayed just a little from the all bundled up winter look I have been sporting for the last two moths and have on a spaghetti strap tunic dress. I did add a tank top and some jeans under it for added warmth though, but in spring this will be a really cute dress all one it’s own. Good news on that is i bought it during a big sale and got the fat pack. I love the folded over and tied off detail in the middle, very well sculpted.
My shoes are a great winter must and very much like a pair of knit boots I have in real life. I have on the plain version of the gray knit leg warmers+flats from ANEXX. Each pair comes with a plain version and a Nordic version which matches the Nordic coat from Aoharu AND like 13 pairs of knit leggings! Making this a pair of shoes I am sad I did not fat pack.. oh well.

eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, gray
ears:Plastik Animalistic Elven ears-burdies
skin:Tres Blah Hiccup light skin, swoon (DU 3 vaudeville)
hair:Lamb Poppyseed, butterfinger

tank Boyfriend Beater, gray
dress:Surf Couture Colleen, burgundy
pants:Surf Couture Hot Cocoa stained jeans, dark gray
shoes:ANEXX Knit legwarmers +flats, gray