I will admit it.. i am a sucker for a cute hairs with knit caps. And what luck Reek and Tiny Bird got together to make a totally adorable new hair. Isn’t this hair too cute..the hair is pulled to the side in a little hair bow and features a color changing knit cap with a separately color changing pompom. My only gripe about the hair is the darkest brown is not that dark really. there was a more ashy dark brown , but it looked a little dull and lost the luster of the other hair colors.
Also on me new today is the Nordic Knit Sweater from Aoharu, which once I put it on filled me with a totally warm and cozy feeling. To continue my knitted theme I also have on a knit long sleeve top from Couverture under the sweater. When going through my inventory trying to find some pants to wear i have to say I was a little disappointed how low cut most jeans are in SL… here i am trying to put together a warm winter outfit and everything shows off a lot of skin.

eyelashes:Redgrave eyelashes-1
eyes:Exodi Zbilja eyes, brown
ears:Plastik Animalistic Elven ears-burdies
skin:[PF] Skye Tea Royal
hair:Reek/Tiny Bird Merritt’s Hatt, Brownie

top:Couverture Knit Long Sleeve, pink
pants:Surf Couture Hot Cocoa Stained Jeans, dark gray
sweater:AOHARU Nordic Knit Coat, gray
boots:KAO Suede Fringe Boots, camel


One thought on “Knitted

  1. Wrap a knitted scarf around your potbelly silly 🙂 you might start a new fashion trend of belly scarves! *presses my muzzle against your tummy and blows a raspberry*

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